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Guyana Sugar: Dr Clive Thomas appointed Chairman of GuySuCo

Logging & Mining: BaiShanLin concessions warrant special review + video

BaiShanLin concessions warrant special review

JULY 24, 2015 | BY |By Kiana Wilburg

– Guyana is yet to know how it has benefitted –Presidential Advisor

wamara-300x183Presidential Advisor on Sustainable Development Dr. Clive Thomas will soon be making recommendations to the Granger administration for all concessions granted to major foreign investors to come under special review.

Dr. Thomas said that the concessions granted to one major company, BaiShanLin, need to be investigated thoroughly.
In a recent interview with this newspaper, the economist said that it is imperative for the new Government to have a “proper understanding” of how the nation is benefitting from the “hefty concessions” which were granted to these companies during the time of the past administration. He stressed that doing this will also help the government to manage how the country benefits in the long term from foreign companies.   Continue reading

Venezuela halts all rice, paddy shipments from Guyana

Venezuela halts all rice, paddy shipments

July 11, 2015 | By | By Jarryl Bryan

…270 containers of rice stuck on wharf, over US$5M in limbo

Rice shipments bound for Venezuela

Rice shipments bound for Venezuela

As the fallout from the collapse of the Guyana/Venezuela rice deal continues, Venezuela yesterday issued a directive for Guyana to cease all paddy and rice shipments to the neighbouring country with immediate effect.

This comes four months before the PetroCaribe agreement was scheduled to come to an end.
With some 270 containers of rice worth over US$5M left stranded on the wharves, and a further surplus crop expected to come by next month, this latest move by the oil producing giant, leaves Guyana with a more urgent need than ever to find an alternative market to Venezuela, which was responsible for 34 percent of rice exports under the PetroCaribe oil for rice deal.   Continue reading

Sugar Industry in trouble…Booming rice sector could still go bust – Dr. Clive Thomas

Those economic time bombs…Booming rice sector could still go bust – Dr. Clive Thomas

Economist, Dr. Clive Thomas

Dr. Clive Thomas

JUNE 14, 2015 | BY |Given his analysis of the economy and its revenue earners, local economist Dr. Clive Thomas believes that while the rice market may be booming at this point, certain factors affecting it, leaves the industry poised for a dispiriting future. He believes that it could very well be on the brink of a collapse.

In his recent writings, Dr. Thomas opined that while the sugar commodity life cycle for Guyana is in long-term decline, rice has been in a marked upswing. Contrarily, he said, “The ticking time-bomb that rice is perched” on is due to three factors. He listed these to be explosive growth of output, increasing difficulty in finding lucrative markets and the level of unit production costs.  Continue reading

GuySuCo: Mired in a sea of losses and bailouts – by Dr Clive Thomas

GuySuCo: Mired in a sea of losses and bailouts

Posted By Dr Clive Thomas – March 30, 2014

Clive ThomasFrom a dynamic perspective, over the medium to long-term the profitability of the sugar industry as a whole, and GuySuCo in particular, is more than any other variable, the best representative indicator of its sustainability as a commercial venture. From a business accounting standpoint the profit that is made indicates the extent to which total earnings or business income derived from sugar can cover all sugar costs or business expenses, thereby resulting in a surplus of income over these expenses or Accounting profit.

From this vantage point, in order to ensure genuine sustainability these costs or expenses should include  1) all employment, materials, and services costs; 2) all set-aside provisions for research and development (R&D); 3) similarly set-aside provisions for maintaining/replacing the capital stock; 4) similar provisions for servicing debts and liabilities (both long-term and short-term) in a timely manner; and 5) the generation of  adequate returns(dividends) for the industry stakeholders/shareholders; and also sufficient to attract new investments if required or alternatively to retain enough profits to finance such investments.

Read more: [GuySuCo- Mired in a sea of losses and bailouts

Time for a radical shift in the sugar belt – By Moses Nagamootoo

Time for a radical shift in the sugar belt

JANUARY 26, 2014 |  By Moses Nagamootoo – AFC Vice-Chairman and Member of Parliament

 The shadows of doom seem to be hanging over the sugar industry. Besides continuing mismanagement and political interference, there is the ominous warning from eminent scholar, Dr. Clive Thomas, that the sugar industry has reached a point of no return, “or alternatively, a negative tipping-point”.

For the 16,000 sugar workers and an estimated 50,000 persons whose lives depend of the industry, this raises the spectre of “bitter sugar” that historically was the root cause for oppression and despair of slaves and bonded workers on the colonial plantations in Guyana.   Continue reading

Amaila: Troubling dimensions of a troubled public project – Clive Thomas

Amaila: Troubling dimensions of a troubled public project

 By Dr Clive Thomas On July 28, 2013  Features,Sunday |

guyana and the wider worldConclusion

Today’s column concludes the discussion of the Amaila Falls Hydro Project (AFHP). It examines a few troubling dimensions of the project, which have not been adequately addressed, even though passing references have been made to some.


The first is an issue that I hinted at weeks ago, which is, the AFHP in its present version is mis-specified. It is being presented as a stand-alone project. However, at its inception in the late 1990s it was portrayed as the first of a three-stage hydropower development project (at a minimum) aimed at generating eventually between 1-3 thousand MW. The Upper and Middle Mazaruni area was the intended site for the later stages.

Specifying the AFHP as a multi-stage and not stand-alone development project has enormous consequences, three of which immediately spring to mind.   [Read more]

Guyana: Economic Performance and Outlook – Professor Clive Y Thomas

Guyana: Economic Performance and Outlook

(The Recent Scramble for Natural Resources)

(Excerpted, edited, revised and updated from opinion pieces written mainly during 2011) by Professor Clive Y Thomas

*****  Download Guyana Economic Performance and Outlook

Contents/Page #  –

 A: Performance of the Guyana Economy in the 2000s, and Outlook

Performance: Guyana’s Economy, 2000 – 2011 – Pg  2

Outlook: Downside Risks   – Pg  6

Outlook: Upside Potentials (The Scramble for Minerals) –  Pg 11

 B: The Guyana-Norway “Partnership” to Exploit  Rainforest Potential  -Pg 20

The Low Carbon Dev  Strategy (LCDS) as Development Framework – Pg 20

The One-sided Guyana-Norway, Memorandum of Understanding   – Pg  22

The Hydro-power Solution!     – Pg 25

Note:  This section should be read in conjunction with Clive Thomas, The LCDS, Guyana-Norway Agreement and Environmental Issues Related to Climate Change and Global Warming. November 29, 2009 to August 1, 2010 (for availability see Introduction)

C: Looting Guyana: Polemics on the Scramble for Minerals and Other Natural  Resources    – Pg  28       Continue reading

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