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The Caribbean’s location is its future – by David Jessop

 The Caribbean’s location is its future

Published on Mar 18 2014

News Americas, LONDON, England, Weds. Mar. 19, 2014: Until relatively recently, almost all Caribbean economic thinking has been focused on the encouragement of investment onshore, with the emphasis on commodities, manufacturing, tourism, financial services and artisanal industries such as fisheries.

This has been, with some notable exceptions such as financial services, where immediate opportunity lay.

However, now that technology is changing rapidly, preference in trade is all but over, economic globalization is a reality, and international trade is again growing after the setback of the 2007/8 global financial crisis, there is a pressing need to explore in a much broader way, leveraging the importance of the Caribbean’s physical location. So much so that the promotion of future opportunity in the Caribbean may lie not in advertising what is onshore but, in the broadest sense, creating international awareness of the external market opportunities that arise from its strategic location.  Continue reading

Toronto: Three Guyanese die of carbon monoxide poisoning

Peter Pitamber and son

Peter Pitamber, 60, with his surviving son Jerry, 28. Jerry found Peter, his mother Sita Pitamber, 59 and brother Terry Pitamber, 36 dead in their Brampton home early Monday morning (March 17, 2014) of carbon monoxide poisoning. [more pictures in Toronto Star report below].

Toronto: Three Guyanese die of carbon monoxide poisoning 

Jerry Pitamber’s life changed forever the instant he got home after a shift at his family’s restaurant on Monday to find his parents and brother poisoned by carbon monoxide.

His father Peter, well-known in Brampton’s West Indian community and longtime owner of Calypso Hut, was lying on the floor and could not be roused.    Continue reading

Your US-Brazil Trade Assist: Website Update 2014

Thanks Rosaliene.

Three Worlds One Vision

USA Trade with Brazil 2005-2013USA Trade with Brazil 2005-2013
Data Source: US Census Bureau March 2014
Rosaliene Bacchus – Your USBrazil Trade Assist

I would like to thank the 126,576 visitors to Your USBrazil Trade Assist website in 2013, an average of over ten thousand monthly. In keeping with my commitment to all the students, international trade professionals, small- to medium-size importers and exporters, and others users, I have completed my yearly update of links, data, and charts.

The charts, listed below, have been updated based on preliminary data for 2013 provided by the US Census Bureau and Brazil’s Ministry of Development, Industry & Foreign Trade (MDIC).

Doing Business with Brazil

  • Brazil Exports 2009-2013
  • Brazil Imports 2009-2013
  • Brazil Imports by End-Use Category 2013
  • Brazil Exports by Region (Trading Partners) 2013
  • Brazil Imports by Region (Trading Partners) 2013
  • USA Trade with Brazil 2005-2013

Doing Business with the United States

  • US Exports of Goods…

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Of Marriageable Age – by Sharon Maas: e-Book released

Of Marriageable Age

Sharon Maas’ captivating Novel, Of Marriageable Age, set in Guyana, has now been published in Digital Format, was released for sale on March 14.

The Novel is one of her bestsellers which include Peacocks Dancing, The Speech of Angels and The Sons of Gods. Sharon is the daughter of David Westmaas and Eileen Cox. She was born in Guyana and now lives in Germany.

Attached is a Press Release about the new edition of the Novel and a bio sketch of Sharon.

The e-book can be purchased on www.amazon.com and www.amazon.co.uk

Of Marriageable Age – Sharon Maas – e-Book released  Continue reading

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