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Guyana Christian Charities – Spring Dance: Toronto- May 17, 2014

GCC Spring Dance

World Water Day Promoting Water Sustainability

This is from the blog site of Diana Tyner (M.Sc.) of Ottawa Canada, who follows the Guyanese Online blog . Guyana is a “Land of Many Waters” so Guyanese, and others, should find it interesting.

Diana Tyner's Blog

World Water Day 2014


Water is a precious resource and perhaps more precious than most of us may think.  Many Canadians have access to clean and safe water on a daily basis and we tend not think about the importance of water until the tap stops, the well is dry, or our water source is limited.  It’s a universal fact that approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water.  And of that 70%, science suggests between 1 -3 % of it, is actually potable (available to drink) freshwater (UN Water Statistics, 2014). 

March 22 was first formally designated World Water Day in 1992 at the United Nations (UN) Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).  Since then it’s grown significantly in popularity and it forces public attention on this day to some of the most critical issues surrounding water sustainability throughout the world.  This year…

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