Carnival and uncaring leaders

Carnival and uncaring leaders

By Ralph Maraj

Clearly very disgusted with present soca and chutney music, R Ackbarali, in a letter to the editor in a Sunday paper, says “we have to contend with the utter rubbish these people call lyrics. The public is fed up of the crap. What kind of society have we become to accept these performers’ utterances as music and culture?”

Sarah Parks, in her letter headlined “Dotish, dangerous soca lyrics rotting T&T”, says many soca songs “promote tribalism, violence, immorality and foolish decision-making”, telling children that “fun as an adult is to be an alcoholic and to indulge in lewd acts…to mash up rather than build and nurture… that destroying families to fulfil sexual lust is okay.” She concludes, “it is nonsense that those who sing these nation-destroying songs get paid (by the Government) to do so.”

These are just two samples of the growing concern at the condition of our Carnival music that produces a preponderance of lyrics like these:  “And when she flip, and then bus the split, ah feel like I am in a red light district”; and  “a gyul in front ah me, ah prowling like a hunter, gyul wine on it, wine on it”; and “when soca play and dem gyul shake the bumper, every man say they activate the lumber”; and  “any woman that can play the role, vertical, horizontal, once they can handle the pole”. Behold our “soca bards”. Hear their poetry.    [Read more]


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  • Clyde Duncan  On 03/30/2014 at 2:45 am

    Bring back the Mighty Sparrow, Calypso King of the World!! – Need I say more??

  • walter  On 03/30/2014 at 3:33 pm

    Same crap on the international scene,no melody,no lyrics,so easy to forget,the only success is the innovative marketing.

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