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PPP in Death Throes, Jagdeo Return to Perform Final Rites – By Ralph Seeram

PPP in Death Throes, Jagdeo Return to Perform Final Rites

July 12, 2015 | By BY Ralph Seeram
Jagdeo 2015 pix

Bharrat Jagdeo

I was saying the man’s ego was bigger than his mansion, when another passenger in the car chimed in, that his ego was bigger than Guyana. The man has no shame; some would argue that Bharrat Jagdeo has passed that stage a very long time ago.
Long before, he brazenly and “barefacedly” gave away free radio licenses to his friends, family and cronies before leaving office in 2011.
By now most of you know that Jagdeo is returning to lead the PPP in Parliament as Opposition Leader.

Apparently the PPP did not get the Memo the voters sent in 2011 and again last May 11. Their supporters either stayed away from the polls or switched to the AFC.      Continue reading

A Dutch Tomb, A Haunted House etc – By Ralph Seeram


November 9, 2014 | By By Ralph Seeram

One of the things I enjoy when I visit Guyana is to go to the “rum shop” with my friends. In a “rum shop” (some folks call it a bar these days), men and women drink, lips get loose and story does come out. I go for the wild meat and the gossip.

There you hear who is sleeping with whose wife; which man is getting “blow”, which woman is giving “blow” and it goes on. You will also hear which government official “does beat dem wife,” and trying fuh “knack” young girls in exchange for jobs.

By the way, I had forgotten that the term “knock” or “knack’ in Guyanese parlance had a sexual connotation. I had not heard that term for the longest while, until the pimping Attorney General reminded me.   Continue reading

Manickchand disrespect and a disappearing Guyanese population – commentary

Manickchand disrespect and a disappearing Guyanese population

JULY 6, 2014 | BY  | From the Diaspora…

By Ralph Seeram 

My mother who is in her 90th year has always reminded me that there is “book sense” and “common sense”.  I tried to pass this on to my kids. Today, if I needed a perfect example to demonstrate to them, Priya Manickchand would be ideal; she has book sense but no common sense.

I read somewhere, this little story of how a cruise ship developed engine problems and the engineers with all their degrees and computers could not fix the problem. The owners decided to call an old retired ship mechanic to look the problem. He came with a hammer, looked around the engine and gave two taps with the hammer on a particular part of the engine, which immediately hummed to life.  Continue reading

RODNEY COI, Opening a “Can of Worms” for the PNC


MAY 4, 2014 | BY  | By: RALPH SEERAM

The PNC is worried, very worried, and has every right to be worried about disclosures emanating from the Rodney Commission of Inquiry; not that it’s anything new to older folks in Guyana and those in the Diaspora like myself.  They have for good and selfish reasons to worry about what more than half the voting population in Guyana is now learning about a period of Guyana’s history that they never experienced.

Today you read about how the PPP is undemocratic; how it’s a dictatorship, and to be honest some of the PPP behaviour brought this on. However young Guyanese are now learning what a true dictatorship was under the PNC, what a real police state Guyana was under PNC rule.  Continue reading

Kaldor Budget and Black Friday February 16, 1962 – commentary

From the Diaspora…Kaldor Budget and Black Friday February 16, 1962

MARCH 30, 2014 | BY  | Commentary … By Ralph Seeram 

Ralph SeeramMr. Forbes Burnham dealt with the harsh tax measures introduced by what was known as the Kaldor Budget and ended his speech by working on the emotions of his audience in the manner of Mark Anthony. “Comrades,” he exclaimed, “the fight starts now. Tomorrow at 2 o’clock in the afternoon there is a demonstration organized by the Trade Union Congress, a demonstration against the harsh proposals of the budget, which make life unbearable.

“No doubt the Riot Squad will be there. Do you still want to go? Comrades, remember that tomorrow Jagan’s army is coming down from Cane Grove and Windsor Forest. Do you still want to go? (Wynn Parry Commission).”

Thus started a series of events on February 12, 1962 that led to the burning and looting of several businesses in Georgetown on what is now described as Black Friday February 16, 1962.

Continue reading

My take on Davis Casavis’s “Thomas Carroll Affair” – Ralph Seeram


JULY 28, 2013 | BY KNEWS | From the Diaspora…By Ralph Seeram

Sometime in the late nineties a friend of mine here in the United States asked me to loan him US$8,000. I had known him from boyhood days so if he was in a “jam” I would not have had any hesitation to loan him the money with just a “handshake”. I was agreeable to loan him the money, until he told me the reason.
He wanted to give the money to his sister in Guyana, who in turn will use it to buy a visa in Guyana to come to the USA.

The idea did not appeal to me. First I doubt anyone in the US Embassy in Georgetown will sell a visa. Secondly I did not like the repayment method. His sister will work when she comes here and repay me. I told my friend I had just made some other investments.   Continue reading

President Donald Ramotar is presiding over the death of the PPP

From the Diaspora…


JULY 8, 2012 | BY  |           By Ralph Seeram

Some years ago on a visit to Guyana, I had the misfortune of experiencing a relative dying. It was not pleasant, but it was an experience that remains indelibly in memory. He had an enlarged heart and was told he can die any day. The night after he received the news, he had a transformation, a total 180 degrees change in personality. The spirit of death had visited him. You would have to see this to believe what I about to say. The spirit of death was transforming his personality.

One could tell there was an internal battle going on between his conscious self and the shadows of death, his illogical utterances interspaced with some logical conversation, his unbelievable display of strength, the constant back and forth conversation between himself and the spirit of death, all totally out of character with the person I knew.

A few hours later all was quiet; the spiritual battle was finished; death had won. And as he lay on his death bed in the final throes of life he began to”travel”. The physical battle began. Death starts at the sole of your feet and works its way up. His feet were cold then lifeless, same for his legs and waist. The Pastor said even though he appeared unconscious he could still hear.   Continue reading

NEW AMSTERDAM TOWN HALL – Tower Dismantled..

From the Diaspora…


JUNE 17, 2012 | BY  |By Ralph Seeram

I am sure you are wondering what these three have in common. I did not know if they had anything in common until this week when I saw that iconic picture in Kaieteur News this week.
My heart sank and a feeling of sadness overwhelmed me when I saw that photograph. Many thoughts kept running through my mind, some going back to my boyhood days. Why is this happening? Why is this structure being dismantled instead of being preserved?

As I continued to read the article my sadness turned to anger and resentment. I was now mad and still mad at the PPP Government for allowing the New Amsterdam Town Hall tower to deteriorate to the point that it had to be dismantled.           Continue reading

Do men pay attention to women’s age or looks?

Do men pay attention to women’s age or looks?

JUNE 3, 2012 | BY KNEWS |
By Ralph Seeram – From the Diaspora

She came into the store with a melancholy look and all teary eyed, so I inquired what’s wrong. I was thinking maybe she had a death in the family or perhaps one of her children had fallen ill. Then she replied, “Today is my birthday”.
“Your birthday”? I asked. “Then you should be celebrating, why the tears”
She replied “I am getting old” and burst into a fresh round of tears and sobbing.

I was confused for a moment. She was attractive, had a great personality and was only in her early thirties, a single mother of two, and she was a regular customer of the store I then owned. I was wondering why it bothered her so much about getting older.  Continue reading



NOVEMBER 20, 2011 | BY  link |

By Ralph Seeram

Some eight months ago I wrote an article about the possibility of the PPP losing the elections. Then, many people felt that I was crazy, that there was no way the PPP was going  to lose, as a mater of fact it was a foregone conclusion that the PPP will be reelected.

From the e-mail I received then, one would have thought that the PPP had already won a new five-year term; that was just eight months ago. Fast forward to the elections campaign for the past week, the predictions and pronouncements have dramatically changed.

The opposition parties are “smelling blood” they feel the PPP is very vulnerable this election, and feel for the first time they can defeat the PPP. One opposition spokesperson even went as far to say the only way the PPP can retain power is to rig the election. With an open elections and the presence of international observers I doubt very much that possibility.

Could this be interpreted that the opposition, in this case PNC/APNU is setting up itself an excuse should it be defeated at the polls? No one is predicting that PNC/APNU or the AFC will win the Presidency or 50% of the cast votes;, only that the PPP may not obtain the necessary fifty percent votes.   Read more

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