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University of Guyana (UG) Launches Dr. Harold Drayton’s Memoir

UG Launches Dr. Harold Drayton’s Memoir

Dr. Vonna Drayton on the right, presenting copies of the book to Ms Gwyneth George.

The Turkeyen Campus of the University of Guyana (UG) was the venue on August 24 for the launch of Dr. Harold Drayton’s memoir titled “An Accidental Life”.

In 1962, Guyanese-born Harold Drayton, who was a lecturer in zoology at the Kwame Nkrumah University in Ghana, was invited by Dr Cheddi Jagan, then Premier of Guyana, to work on the “university project”. From January to September 1963, Drayton worked tirelessly to get the UG started with its first batch of students in October 1963.       Continue reading

Kaldor Budget and Black Friday February 16, 1962 – commentary

From the Diaspora…Kaldor Budget and Black Friday February 16, 1962

MARCH 30, 2014 | BY  | Commentary … By Ralph Seeram 

Ralph SeeramMr. Forbes Burnham dealt with the harsh tax measures introduced by what was known as the Kaldor Budget and ended his speech by working on the emotions of his audience in the manner of Mark Anthony. “Comrades,” he exclaimed, “the fight starts now. Tomorrow at 2 o’clock in the afternoon there is a demonstration organized by the Trade Union Congress, a demonstration against the harsh proposals of the budget, which make life unbearable.

“No doubt the Riot Squad will be there. Do you still want to go? Comrades, remember that tomorrow Jagan’s army is coming down from Cane Grove and Windsor Forest. Do you still want to go? (Wynn Parry Commission).”

Thus started a series of events on February 12, 1962 that led to the burning and looting of several businesses in Georgetown on what is now described as Black Friday February 16, 1962.

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BBC Radio British Guiana politics in the 1960’s – radio documentary

BBC Radio British Guiana politics in the 1960’s


Mike Thomson investigates how Britain undermined British Guiana’s democratic process as the colony inched towards independence in the early 1960s.   BBC Radio

In the last of the current series Mike Thomson investigates how Britain covertly manipulated the democratic process in its South American colony, then known as British Guiana in the run up to its independence in 1966. Mike discovers new documents which show that they deliberately scuppered the outcome of their own conference organised to determine the country’s future.

On the face of it the conference, held in London in October 1963, was designed to confirm the constitutional future for what was then British Guiana. Publicly Britain encouraged the country’s Prime Minister Dr Cheddi Jagan – who had been fairly elected in 1961 – and the leader of the opposition Linden Forbes Burnham to agree terms for independence. However, behind the scenes, the documents reveal that the British were working to a different outcome – to ensure that agreement was never reached.    Continue reading

People Progressive Party celebrates 20 years in Government – video`

People Progressive Party celebrates 20 years in Government

Guyana’s oldest political party, the People’s Progressive Party is celebrating 20 years in Government and reflecting on the work it has been able to do as a Government over those years, while focusing on the future. This afternoon the PPP hosted a celebration ceremony at the international convention center. Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, who was the longest serving President said, the party has been able to make a number of advancements as a governing party over the past 2 decades.     Continue reading

AFC Last Lap Rally – November 26 – reports

Jagan’s “spirit” is with the AFC – Ramjattan

Demerara Waves – November 27, 2011

Presidential candidate for the Alliance For Change (AFC) Khemraj Ramjattan declared Saturday night that former PPP member Moses Nagamootoo has wrenched the “spirit” of the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan away from the ruling party as the AFC wound up its campaign ahead of Monday’s polls.

“Donald and Jagdeo wanted to invoke the ghost of Cheddi Jagan but by him coming on the platform, Nagamootoo, he has wrenched away the spirit of Jagan and brought it on this platform,” he said to a police estimated crowd of 3,000.

Ramjattan urged party supporters to stay focused over the next 48 hours since the PPP was “very good at doing mischievous things at the last minute.”     Read more

The AFC’s Final Rally – Photos with captions   (Stabroek News November 27, 2011)  Confetti  in the air at the AFC’s final rally before elections at the Parade Ground last night

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