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GUYANA: Oil: Oil everywhere but not enough to eat: A holiday reality check – By Red Thread

 December 20, 2021 – By Red Thread – A Guyana NGO

Red Thread’s members are primarily grassroots women, who live daily with various forms of economic and social insecurity. Despite this, over three decades, we have built an organisation that advocates and organises with women, beginning with grassroots women, to cross divides  and transform our conditions.  Red Thread runs the Cora Belle and Clotil Walcott Self-Help Drop In Centre, which provides support for and advocates with survivors of domestic violence as well as low wage workers (https://redthreadguyana.org/)

Everywhere you turn you read about oil. How much better off Guyana and Guyanese will be. But most Guyanese are not seeing these benefits. Most Guyanese are catching hell to make ends meet while the oil companies – the beneficiaries of a disgraceful and lopsided production sharing agreement negotiated by the coalition government and upheld by the present administration – are laughing all the way to the bank.              Continue reading

GUYANA: Aubrey Norton must show all of Guyana he is up to the many daunting tasks ahead – By GHK Lall

Aubrey Norton

  Letter to the Editor- By GHK Lall – December 20, 2021

The PNC leadership race is over.  I think it is done, with conceding from the main contender.  Let it be truly over, as in finished and settled, amid the disappointments, the bruised egos, the coming close, but falling just short.  Those must all be history now, if this society is going to get anywhere.  Now the hard work of leading begins, and this is the mantle that has been placed on the head of Aubrey Norton by his comrades.  Now, he must be more than Comrade Aubrey or Comrade Norton.  He must be Mr. Guyana.  He must show all of Guyana that he is up to the many daunting tasks ahead.

It should be noted that I immediately put on the front burner ALL GUYANA, and not only brethren inside the PNC.  He must be a rallying point, starting on the inside and leveraging that into a driving national agenda.  This country’s divided social milieu must be knitted together; for then, Guyanese can confront both local and foreign devils that suck the blood out of this society.  Aubrey Norton must dispel fears, make people believe in him, that he is different, no matter how small that cluster.  I say he must find it in himself to be an inspiration, a resting place, a confidence booster.  Guyanese must be reminded that this land is theirs, ours; and we must get as much as we can from it, regardless of what anyone says, who stands in objection.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Politics: New PNC/R Leader Aubrey Norton, to confront PPP/c on oil money

…says funds will not be siphoned off by corrupt cabal

Dec 21, 2021  -Kaieteur News -Newly elected leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R), Aubrey Norton, on his first day of taking over the reins of the party, immediately put on notice his political opponents in the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Administration that it would not be allowed to rob the nation of its resources through a corrupt cabal.

PHOTO: Newly Elected PNC/R Leader, Aubrey Norton

Norton gave the stern warning yesterday, minutes after being formally declared the new leader of the Party following its 21st Biennial Congress on Saturday last.             Continue reading

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