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CHINA – Surveillance state or way of the future? | DW Documentary video

China – Surveillance state or way of the future? | DW Documentary

China is building a huge digital surveillance system. The state collects massive amounts of data from willing citizens: the benefits are practical, and people who play by the rules are rewarded. Critics call it “the most ambitious Orwellian project in human history.” China’s digital surveillance system involves massive amounts of data being gathered by the state.

In the so-called “brain” of Shanghai, for example, authorities have an eye on everything. On huge screens, they can switch to any of the approximately one million cameras, to find out who’s falling asleep behind the wheel, or littering, or not following Coronavirus regulations. “We want people to feel good here, to feel that the city is very safe,” says Sheng Dandan, who helped design the “brain.”          Continue reading

GUYANA: Government to dominate NRF oil fund committees

  • President, Minister to make all appointments
  • No place made for media, transparency groups

Pres. Irfaan Ali

Dec 17, 2021 – Kaieteur News – The amendments to the legislation governing the Natural Resource Fund (NRF) which were tabled on Thursday in the National Assembly by Finance Minister, Dr.Ashni Singh, propose that there be two key committees and a Board of Directors to preside over the management of the nation’s oil money.

Importantly, all of the members on these committees as well as the Board will be appointed by the President or his Minister responsible for natural resources.

As part of the governance structure for the NRF, the government proposes to establish a Board of Directors which shall comprise of not less than three and not more than five persons who shall be appointed by the President, and one of whom shall be appointed Chairperson by the President.        Continue reading

CANADA: TRAVEL: Westjet Disagrees with Canadian Government Travel Advisory


GUYANA SPEAKS– TWO ZOOM EVENTS — January 16 and January 30, 2022

You are invited to join Guyana SPEAKS for TWO ZOOM EVENTS in January 2022.
1. Sunday, 16th January at 3pm UK time
Event title: Thomas Harding on his book, White Debt (2022)
Event Summary: Thomas Harding’s book, White Debt, revisits The Demerara Slave Rebellion of 1823 and offers support to calls for reparation. He will be in conversation with Juanita Cox, talking about the process of writing the book, his trip to Guyana and the need to commission artists to represent in art, the figures of enslaved African abolitionists like Jack Gladstone.

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