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Guyana Cultural Association of New York (GCA) – Produces Cultural Jigsaw Puzzles…Press Release


The Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc. continues its mission to inspire and support the Guyanese culture of creativity and to celebrate the gloriousness of diversity and difference through its new line of Jigsaw Puzzles.

These Puzzles can be shared across generations and represent the rich variety of Guyanese festivals which promote better cultural and interracial understanding. The Jigsaw Puzzles celebrate the Guyanese traditions of the Diwali Festival of Lights, Phagwah or Holi and the Masquerade Band.    

  • Masquerade Lives,
  • Happy Holi

48 piece Puzzles: — Click photos to enlarge 

This is a 48 piece Puzzle: Masquerade Lives and Happy Holi for the 6-12 age group highlighting cultural traditions which will help to bond young children with their family’s cultural traditions, while exploring and accepting new traditions and cultural practices and artifacts.

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Short Story: Reflections on Christmas in Guyana: Eat, Drink and be Merry – By Geoff Burrowes

Eat, drink and be Merry – – By Geoff Burrowes

There was no shortage of food at Christmas in Guyana: black pudding, black cake, bul de mel, souse, to name a few dishes, or drink: sweet drinks, chasers, Banks beer, XM rum, Houstons, El Dorado, and local or Scottish scotch and even Corriea’s Gunboat wine.

We ate and drank liberally. And there was no political correctness around as everybody celebrated Christmas, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Adventists and cries of “Happy Christmas” abounded, as everybody celebrated, regardless of colour or creed.

For those who worked in Georgetown’s downtown area, on the last working day before Christmas, it was customary for a bottle of rum to appear in a central area and staff would  would bring in patties, pine tarts, cheese and egg sandwiches and cookies and cake. As a rule not much work would get done, get done as we played gracious hosts to those who “dropped in”.      Continue reading

Guyanese poet – Grace Nichols – awarded Queen Elizabeth II’s Gold Medal for Poetry in 2021

Guyanese poet awarded Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry

Grace Nichols

Buckingham Palace said: “The Poetry Medal Committee unanimously recommended Grace Nichols as this year’s recipient on the basis of her body of work, in particular her first collection of poetry I Is a Long-Memoried Woman (1983), prose and several books for younger readers.”

Poetry Medal Committee, chaired by the poet laureate, Simon Armitage.

“Over the past four decades, Grace has been an original, pioneering voice in the British poetry scene,” said Armitage. “Her poems are alive with characters from the folklore and fables of her Caribbean homeland, and echo with the rhymes and rhythms of her family and ancestors … They are also passionate and sensuous at times, being daring in their choice of subject and openhearted in their outlook.”            Continue reading

Buxton NGSA Achievement Award Presentation and Backpack Distribution + Newsletter


Tipperary Hall- Buxton

We are pleased to share with you the video presentation of the ceremony, which took place at Tipperary Hall on 25 November (Thanksgiving Day). Seven laptop computers valued almost US $5,000, five bursary awards totaling GY$400,000 and 125 backpacks filled with school supplies were distributed to the students who will commence their secondary education next January.

The video was streamed through Facebook, so you would need to have an account there to access it.

PART 1: https://www.facebook.com/103372564793515/videos/257284346386909

PART 2: https://www.facebook.com/103372564793515/videos/1157141371487519

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