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GUYANA: European Union flags downsides of Chinese loans; Gives More Sea Defence Grants

Mr. Javier Nino Perez

The European Union (EU) on Wednesday December 15, 2021 raised concerns about the pitfalls of borrowing from China to finance and build major infrastructural projects.

Deputy Managing Director for Americas, European External Action Service Mr. Javier Nino Perez, during a question and answer session at the University of Guyana, disagreed with those who say that China offers better conditions.

He said China would not invest or trade with countries and create a greater understanding of each other.  “The Chinese project is not as much as building something together as much as it is about seizing space, trade links, trade benefits infrastructure projects. This is one element that we have to keep in mind,” he said.          Continue reading

BARBADOS — Royal note to Barbados: no apology, no reparations but we love your culture – By Mohamed Hamaludin

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Nearly 400 years after the British occupied the island that came to be known as Barbados, the Caribbean nation finally severed official ties with the former “Mother Country” when it replaced Queen Elizabeth II with its governor-general Sandra Mason as the titular head of state. It was surprising that it happened 55 years after independence.

The British presence dated back to 1620 when a Captain Simon Gordon, ignoring the Arawak who lived there for centuries, determined there were no inhabitants. Five years later, on May 14, 1625, a Captain John Powell arrived and, as Barbadian journalist Suleiman Bulbulia noted in a Guardian column on the eve of the severing of the colonial links, claimed it for King James I. “Los Barbados” (the bearded ones), so named by earlier Portuguese visitors for the beard-like appearance of its fig trees, became simply Barbados.            Continue reading

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