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Happy New Year 2022 – From Guyanese Online | Auld Lang Syne with Sing Along Lyrics | Music video

Happy New Year Song | Auld Lang Syne with Sing Along Lyrics | Video

A Happy New Year 2022 – from Guyanese Online

GUYANA: Politics: Oil Fund: Opposition to ramp up protests against new NRF law

 …  threatens court action against ‘wholesale thievery of oil money’

Scenes from the protest outside Arthur Chung Convention Center yesterday as Opposition MPs join in

December 30, 2021- Kaieteur News – Scores of Guyanese on Wednesday picketed in front of the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC)—where a sitting of the National Assembly was being held to protest their opposition to the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Government’s rush to pass a new Natural Resources Bill, which many have since condemned as a move to legalise wholesale thievery of Guyana’s oil revenues.

The Bill aimed at replacing the NRF Act in place already in order to give sweeping powers and control over the oil fund and its use by the sitting President.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Harmon dubs replica Parliament mace a ‘fake’, insists ‘oil money’ law wasn’t passed;

— Teixeira says Court has no role

House Speaker Manzoor Nadir holding what he termed a replica mace while putting the Natural Resource Fund Bill to the vote while the traditional mace was taken away by a number of opposition parliamentarians.

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon on Thursday rejected House Speaker Manzoor Nadir’s claim that a replica mace used during a simple majority vote in favour of the Natural Resource Fund was an authentic standby symbol of authority.

“The Speaker’s statement that Guyana has two Maces is appalling and simply untrue. The replica referred to by the Speaker is a miniature Mace which was made for the hosting of Guyana’s National Youth Parliament and holds no authority in the sitting of the National Assembly. Further there is no rule that provides for the use of a replica Mace in the National Assembly as being touted by the Speaker,” he said.             Continue reading

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