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GUYANA: Sugar: Woeful GuySuCo produced a meagre 58,025 tons of sugar for 2021

NOTE: In 2019, it was reported that the last time sugar production fell below 100,000 tonnes was in 1926, 94 years ago. In 2019, GuySuCo managed to produce some 92,246 tonnes of sugar to be sold on the local, regional and international markets. Now in 2021, the production is even lower at 58,025 tonnes.


Dec 25, 2021- Kaieteur News – The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) produced 30,865MT less of sugar when compared with 2020, according to a preliminary report released by the corporation on Friday, December 24, 2021

Based on the report, GuySuCo’s pre-audited production stands at 58,025MT of sugar in 2021 compared to 88,890MT in 2020.

Despite the significant shortfall, the Corporation said it met all the needs of the local market for 2021. It was explained that the shortfall was a result of the loss of some 35 percent of the standing cane during the 2nd Crop of 2021 due to the flood.          Continue reading

Guyana: Victoria farmers to benefit from emergency drainage works after years of neglect

– works scheduled to commence in next 3-5 days

Victoria Village is located on the Atlantic coast of Guyana, 29 kilometres east of Georgetown and bordered by Cove and John to the west and Belfield to the east. It was the FIRST VILLAGE IN BRITISH GUIANA (GUYANA), to be bought by the combined resources of Africans who had recently won their freedom from slavery. Wikipedia

Dec 25, 2021 – Kaieteur News – Farmers from Victoria Village, a farming community located on the East Coast of Demerara, will soon benefit from a number of much-needed drainage works following years of neglect and underdevelopment.

This is according to a release issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. It noted that during a meeting on Wednesday afternoon, Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha told the farmers that most of their drainage woes will soon be behind them in the coming week as emergency works will commence within the next three to five days.      Continue reading

VIDEO: COVID: The Great Realisation | A bed time story of how it started; and why hindsight’s 2020

The Great Realisation | A bed time story of how it started; and why hindsight’s 2020

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