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Guyana: Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton asks youths to “desist” from robbing people during protests;

GUYANA: Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton warns of hidden motive to create ethnic tension

Residents of Mon Repos on the protest line.

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton has urged supporters to be cautious about protest marches whose aim is to spark off attacks on Indo-Guyanese, in the wake of last month’s assault and robbing of vendors at the Mon Repos Market, East Coast Demerara by a group of persons who marched from Golden Grove to protest the police killing of a resident.

Addressing an event at Golden Grove, he urged supporters to desist from robbing persons. “We will fight for justice for all ethnic groups and so I want to urge the young ones, who seem to believe that every protest is an opportunity for them to rob people, to desist. They are destroying the struggle of the people,” he said.            Continue reading

Guyana: Victoria farmers to benefit from emergency drainage works after years of neglect

– works scheduled to commence in next 3-5 days

Victoria Village is located on the Atlantic coast of Guyana, 29 kilometres east of Georgetown and bordered by Cove and John to the west and Belfield to the east. It was the FIRST VILLAGE IN BRITISH GUIANA (GUYANA), to be bought by the combined resources of Africans who had recently won their freedom from slavery. Wikipedia

Dec 25, 2021 – Kaieteur News – Farmers from Victoria Village, a farming community located on the East Coast of Demerara, will soon benefit from a number of much-needed drainage works following years of neglect and underdevelopment.

This is according to a release issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. It noted that during a meeting on Wednesday afternoon, Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha told the farmers that most of their drainage woes will soon be behind them in the coming week as emergency works will commence within the next three to five days.      Continue reading

Encouraging voter turnout in the Upper East Coast of Demerara

Encouraging voter turnout in the Upper East Coast of Demerara

Kaieteur News  – November 29, 2011

They began lining up from as early as 05:00 hours and by 10:00 hours the crowds at several polling stations had disappeared.
From all indications, voters along the Upper East Coast Demerara turned out in record numbers, eager to complete the task of casting their ballots and get on with their other business.

The old, the blind and first time voters all flocked polling places in what could be an unprecedented high voter turnout.
The spirit on the East Coast Demerara was pleasant–there was no animosity, except for some over-exuberance from residents of Ann’s Grove when A Partnership for National Unity Presidential Candidate David Granger, visited the area.     Read more

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