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Guyana: Oil: – ‘Guyana witnessing an oil hustle’ – Dr. Troy Thomas

—  throws away future generation’s wealth for fast cash – Dr. Troy Thomas

Dr. Troy Thomas

December 13, 2021 Kaieteur News – Former Head of Transparency International Guyana Inc (TIGI), Dr. Troy Thomas is perturbed by the way in which Guyana’s oil industry is being handled, noting that instead of there being earnest efforts towards the protection of the nation’s patrimony, the citizenry is witnessing a “petroleum hustle.”

During a recent interview on Kaieteur Radio, for International Anti-corruption Day (December 9, 2021), Dr. Thomas, a University of Guyana Lecturer commented: “We did not consider intergenerational equity and intergenerational justice. We wanted some fast cash and we were willing to give away the wealth of future generations in order to get that fast cash and when you listen to the conversation and the justifications that people put forward even to this day, that’s what you’re getting…”          Continue reading

Guyana: Oil: Natural Resource Fund Law…Jagdeo to remove accountability committee

– says arrangement complex, not transparent

V.P Bharrat Jagdeo

Dec 12, 2021  – Kaieteur News – The current Natural Resource Fund (NRF) legislation recommends that a five-member Macroeconomic Committee be established to oversee and provide suggestions on withdrawals from the account. The arrangement however, does not find favour with the PPP/C government. The administration believes it is utterly flawed for compliance with transparency and accountability.

On this premise, Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo recently disclosed that the amended law which will be tabled on Thursday will not contain this feature.
He said, “…In opposition, we had said the Minister of Finance was too directly involved in the management of the Fund and had too much of an influence in the legislation so we will insert a Board that will sit between the minister and the management of the Fund.”        Continue reading

USA: Millions of Americans can’t afford to retire – ‘At 75, I still have to work’ – Commentary

Number of US workers aged 75 and up expected to increase 96.5% over next decade as some say ‘we must work until we die’
A ‘now hiring’ sign is seen outside a restaurant in Arlington, Virginia.

A ‘now hiring’ sign is seen outside a restaurant in Arlington, Virginia.

Mon 13 Dec 2021  – The GUARDIAN

When Covid-19 hit the US, Rios was one of thousands of workers in the food service industry who were furloughed, and was only recalled back to work a few months ago. While receiving unemployment assistance, Rios and her husband had to rely on food banks to have enough food to eat, and because she lost her health insurance along with her job, she had to skip cancer treatments until she was able to get Medicare, but still paid hundreds of dollars out of pocket for treatments.        Continue reading

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