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GUYANA: Politics: PNCR’s Leader Elections: 967 (Norton); Harmon (245); Vanwest Charles (64)

The People’s National Congress Reform’s (PNCR) Chief Election Officer, Vincent Alexander on Sunday afternoon officially announced that Aubrey Norton is “poised to be installed” as the next elected leader of that party and that three other persons from Team Norton have been elected to top executive positions.

He rejected suggestions that the prolonged delay in announcing the results had anything to do with internal negotiations. “I want to disabuse the public of any such thought and to distance myself from any such kind of involvement. The results I bring tp you are the results of the election after the count and do not in any way involve any intervention with anyone for any purpose,” said Mr. Alexander before disclosing the results for the top four positions.          Continue reading

CRICKET: Racism in Cricket: Rafiq’s Revelations — By: Dhanpaul Narine

By: Dhanpaul Narine

Azeem Rafiq has accused English cricket of ‘institutional racism.’ 

Azeem Rafiq

    The International Cricket Council (ICC) Anti-Racism Code ? It has been going on for years. What Azeem Rafiq did in 2021 was to blow the lid, to unmask some of the culprits, and to allow the world to hear the meaningless apologies and promises ‘to learn from this.’ Racism in cricket is probably as old as the game. This article highlights its recent history.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Anti-Racism Code says, “ICC and all of its members shall ensure that there is no discrimination of any form against any person because of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.” There is also a rule for spectators that hurl offensive racial remarks at players as they can find themselves ejected or banned from the stadiums.          Continue reading

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