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GUYANA: Politics: Aubrey Norton projected to win PNCR leadership in landslide

-congratulated by other contenders

Aubrey Norton
Aubrey Norton

With preliminary results showing a landslide victory for the PNCR’s Aubrey Norton as Leader of the Party, the other two contenders Joseph Harmon and Dr Richard Van West-Charles have conceded and extended congratulations to him.

Norton in a brief telephone interview this morning told Stabroek News that he received calls from both of his competitors between last night and this morning.

He said that Harmon called him last night and extended congratulations while Van West-Charles called today.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Politics: PNCR has “sad history of revolt” by the power-hungry, wealth-seeking; — David Granger

 — time for new political culture- David Granger

David Granger

Outgoing leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), David Granger on Saturday slammed those who have been fomenting division in the party, even as he issued a stirring appeal for party unity and discipline.

“Congress should teach the lessons of the Party’s past rifts and the excruciating experiences of its leaders. Congress’s task, in this decade, is to sustain solidarity by knitting groups together, not splitting them apart; by building up, not breaking down; by multiplying membership — not dividing and subtracting — thereby promoting public trust in the Party ,” he said in his prerecorded final address to the party as he is in Cuba for medical treatment for a cancerous condition.  The address was not played at the opening session, as is customary, but to delegates who are participating virtually.          Continue reading

USA: New York: Profile of the Year: Judges Karen Gopee, Cassandra Johnson, Soma Syed and Andrea Ogle

New York Elections 2021 – Four New Judges – ” You Make Us Proud”

By: Dhanpaul Narine

The 2021 November elections were historic. They brought us a new crop of judges. These talented and remarkable women are trailblazers that have left an indelible imprint in their communities. Their scholarship, and service, span several countries, but what they have in common is the ability to dispense justice, without fear or favor, in one of the greatest cities of the world.

Judge Karen Gopee was born in Tunapuna, in Trinidad and Tobago. She rose to become the first Indo-Caribbean Judge in New York. Karen is from a working-class family. She worked hard with the support of her parents, Basmatee and Prakash Gopee. She attended Franklin K. Lane High School and graduated from Binghamton University and St. John’s University. Karen has deep roots in the community and was appointed a Judge by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2015. She will be a Judge in the Supreme Court in Queens County. One of her mentors is Judge Alex Calabrese who has always encouraged Karen to reach for the stars.            Continue reading

TRAVEL: InterCaribbean Airways to hire Guyanese cabin attendants, pilots

InterCaribbean Airways plans to train Guyanese to become cabin attendants, the carrier’s Chief Executive Officer of the airline, Trevor Sadler announcement on Friday minutes after the inaugural flight arrived from Guyana from Barbados.

“On Monday, we start a new class of flight attendants here in Georgetown so we don’t just speak but we follow on with the words and hiring of additional Guyanese is on the way. We’re also looking at the active hiring for pilots,” he said at a brief welcoming ceremony held at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.          Continue reading

SHIPPING CONTAINERS: The metal box that’s wrecking the business supply chain

Shipping containers, explained by a historian.

Piles of red and green shipping containers with a crane putting an Evergreen shipping container on an existing stack.
PHOTO: Shipping containers have piled up, throwing another wrench into the supply chain. –Mario Tama/Getty Images

Behold the simple shipping container. It’s a large, steel box that can carry tens of thousands of pounds of cargo. It’s also stackable and designed to fit on ocean freight ships, trains, and even trucks. These containers have been an unnoticed cog in the world’s highly complex manufacturing network for decades. But not anymore.

Thanks to the pandemic, the shipping container is now at the center of the global supply chain crisis, which has interrupted the delivery of everything from medical supplies to holiday gifts. Because of widespread manufacturing delays and bottlenecks, there aren’t enough of these boxes in the right place and at the right time.            Continue reading

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