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OPINION: An Irfan Ali Presidency would be a Jagdeo 4th term – By David Hinds

OPINION: An Irfan Ali Presidency would be a Jagdeo 4th term

First, I am not surprised that Mr. Irfan Ali won by such a wide margin. He was clearly the choice of the PPP’s maximum leader, and the leader’s preference on such matters holds sway with many in the party’s leadership.

Second, Ali’s selection indicates very clearly that should the PPP win the election, it will continue the Jagdeo agenda that was interrupted when the party lost power in 2015. I am less concerned about Jagdeo’s presence in a potential PPP government and more concerned about the Jagdeo agenda of ethnic dominance and the criminalized state. In effect, I see an Ali presidency as a Jagdeo fourth term.          Continue reading

Montreal Cultural Association – Playmas Tea Party and Fashion Show – March 10. 2019

Download: playmas montreal cultural association – press release

Toronto Kaiteur Lions Club – 27th Anniversary Ball – April 6. 2019

Download: toronto kaiteur lions club – 27th anniversary ball – april 6. 2019

Venezuela: US-Backed ‘Coup’: Trump Recognizes Opposition Lawmaker as ‘Interim President’

Photo: Venezuelan opposition leader and head of the National Assembly Juan Guaido declares self interim president as thousands of people protest against Nicolás Maduro on January 23, 2019 in Caracas, Venezuela. Many countries including the US, Canada and Chile have officially recognized Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela. (Photo: Edilzon Gamez/Getty Images)
.      by Jon Queally, staff writer – Common Dreams
President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela officially cut dipomatic ties with the U.S. government on Wednesday, and gave American diplomats 72 hours to leave the country, in response to President Donald Trump declaring formal recognition of an opposition lawmaker as the “Interim President” of Venezuela…

U.S: End game of charter schools: destroy public education – By Mohamed Hamaludin

U.S: End game of charter schools, vouchers:  destroy public education


A teacher strike in Los Angeles starting Jan. 14 once again put the spotlight on professionals who educate the nation’s children. But teachers have generally been relegated to the back of the national consciousness and priorities, giving way to bickering politicians, superstars, supermodels and super athletes.  Some have had to pay for supplies for their students, work in dilapidated buildings, use outdated equipment and books and teach out-sized classes. Some have been killed alongside their students by mass murderers.

Most are grossly underpaid, unable to compete for wages commensurate with their worth to society. They are among the most unionized workers, hence suffer from the nation’s ideological confrontation, and education is an early casualty of budget cuts. But, increasingly, they are taking matters in their own hands by withholding their labor, as happened last February in West Virginia.    Continue reading

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