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Television: Desmond’s at 30: ‘I wrote it for white people’ – The Guardian UK

Desmond’s at 30: ‘I wrote it for white people’

The tale of Peckham’s most inept barber is Britain’s most successful black sitcom. On its 30th anniversary, its creator and star talk guns, dominoes – and why more writers of colour need to be heard

 ‘When I started out, they made braver choices in television’ … Desmond’s. Photograph: Channel 4
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Commentary: Guyana’s US$150 million ugly airport blunder

Guyana’s US$150 million ugly airport blunder – By Ray Chickrie

The third deadline, December 31, 2018, for the completion of the “new and modern US 150 million” Cheddi Jagan Airport (CJIA) won’t be met and unconfirmed reports suggest it will roll into the first quarter of 2019.

Instead of the country getting a new and larger terminal, the US$150 million “expansion” project by the Chinese company, China Harbour Engineering Corporation (CHEC), will merely extend the current terminal for arrivals and “gutting and rehabilitation” of the existing terminal for departures.     Continue reading

Parental Rectitude & Children’s Attitude – By Yvonne Sam

Parental Rectitude & Children’s Attitude – By Yvonne Sam

It is not what you leave to your children, but what you leave in them.

The immediate question that I am throwing out to parents is “What is your child’s attitude really like?  Is he/ she generally a happy child?  Does he/ she honor Mom and Dad? Who do you think is responsible for developing his / her attitude?  The attitude that parents develop in their children

whether good or bad will come back in the future. So let us look at ways to properly develop your child’s attitude to impact not only its return but also the accompanying manifestations and repercussions.               Continue reading

Why Is Trump Spouting Russian Propaganda? – David Frum | The Atlantic

The president’s endorsement of the U.S.S.R.’s invasion of Afghanistan echoes a narrative promoted by Vladimir Putin.

 David Frum | The Atlantic

It was only one moment in a 90-minute stream of madness.

President Donald Trump convened a Cabinet meeting, at which he invited all its members to praise him for his stance on the border wall and the government shutdown. There’s always a lively competition to see which member of the Cabinet can grovel most abjectly.   

The newcomer Matthew Whitaker may be only the acting attorney general, but despite — or perhaps because of — that tentative status, he delivered one of the strongest entries, saluting the president for sacrificing his Christmas and New Year’s holiday for the public good, and contrasting that to members of Congress who had left Washington during the TRUMP-CREATED CRISIS.              Continue reading

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