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Guyana Politics: I hear the Black fear and the PNC anger – By Dr. David Hinds 

I hear the Black fear and the PNC anger, but it’s bigger than Party and Race

Guyana is once again at the political crossroads. How many times have we been here in the last seven decades? Is it that we are incapable of moving beyond our limitations—the limitations of post-plantationhood? From the high of May 2015, we have in three years plunged to the brink again. Why is it that we keep doing this to ourselves? And yes, we do it to ourselves, because the colonial masters have long departed.

Courtesy of a successful no-confidence motion in the National Assembly, we are now in “no man’s land”—trying to figure out what to do. Many on one side of our dreaded ethno-political divide have blamed one man—Charrandass Persaud—for our dilemma.             Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Charrandass received Canadian govt. protection to airport

Former MP, Charrandass Persaud (r) being escorted by PPP advisor Peter Ramsaroop via the back entrance on the evening of December 21st. (Keno George photo)

[Kaieteur News January 6. 2018]    Details are emerging now of how Charrandass Persaud, a parliamentarian who rocked Guyana’s politics after voting ‘yes’ in a no-confidence motion that toppled his government, made it to the Ogle Airport on the morning of December 22, last.            Continue reading

Guyana: Constitutional Reform – By Leonard Gildarie

Constitutional Reform

Leonard Gildarie

Events of December 21, 2018, where a government parliamentarian, Charrandass Persaud, voted against his colleagues, in effect causing the administration to fall, is continuing to be the major story. And why shouldn’t it? That no-confidence, thanks to one vote, has awakened Guyana from its slumber. The threat of early elections is hanging over our heads like the proverbial sword of Damocles.

The Speaker of the House has made a ruling that gives a little legroom of satisfaction to every party.
The Government has gone to court asking for the vote to be quashed and the judge to consider the fact that Persaud, who has since been expelled by his party, the Alliance For Change, also had citizenship for Canada at the time of the vote.             Continue reading

“Unwritten Poem” – Poem by Barbados’ First Poet Laureate Esther Phillips

Three Worlds One Vision

minister of culture appoints poet esther phillips as barbados' first poet laureate - february 2018

Minister of Culture appoints Poet Esther Phillips as Barbados’ first Poet Laureate – February 2018
Photo Credit: Barbados Government Information Services

My Poetry Corner January 2019 features the poem “Unwritten Poem” from the poetry collection, The Stone Gatherer, by Esther Phillips, a poet and educator born in Barbados, where she still resides. In February 2018, she was appointed the first Poet Laureate of the Caribbean island-nation.

After attending the Barbados Community College at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, she won a James Michener fellowship to the University of Miami where, in 1999, she gained an MFA degree in Creative Writing. Her poetry collection/thesis won the Alfred Boas Poetry Prize of the Academy of American Poets.

In 2001, she won the leading Barbadian Frank Collymore Literary Endowment Award. Years later, the third of her three well-received poetry collections, Leaving Atlantis (2015), won the Governor General’s Award…

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