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Medical: No Sexual Escape even in a vegetative state – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam – R. N BSc.N.  MEd.  S.C.M   R.M.N

If you cannot be a nurse then pray to God you don’t become a curse. Nursing is synonymous with caring not fearing.

The report of a woman who has been in a vegetative state giving birth at a long term healthcare care facility in Arizona is not only disturbing, repulsive and outrageously gut wrenching, but at the selfsame time deals a black eye to all adherents of the Hippocratic and Nightingalean Oaths, in addition to further highlighting the issue of the racial divide existing in the U.S.A.

The 29 year old victim was a Native American of the San Carlos Apache Tribe.  No other term should be applied to this case but outright rape, as common sense dictates that a woman in that condition is totally unable to give consent to sexual intercourse, irregardless of what form it takes.  Now after DNA samplings of all male staff associated with caring for the patient, Nathan Sutherland a 36 year old Licensed Practical Nurse has been charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable adult abuse.      Continue reading

For a change, the PPP is being outmaneuvered by the Coalition – Dr. David Hinds

It is obvious to any keen political observer that the government was caught off guard by the No-Confidence Vote (NCV) and that exiting office at this point would derail its plan to use government as an electioneering tool in the homestretch to the 2020 election.
This is a tactic used by most governments. But, given the fact that the Coalition has been harshly criticized by its own constituency for not delivering to them, it is one that is especially crucial to their fortunes at the next election.     Continue reading

The View from Europe: Dialogue not ideology required in Venezuela – By David Jessop

Dialogue not ideology required in Venezuela – By David Jessop

David Jessop

Last Wednesday Juan Guaidó, the president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, took an informal oath of office and declared himself the country’s interim president. In a choreographed response the United States and a number of other hemispheric countries including Canada, Brazil and Argentina recognised him as such.

The response of other nations was significantly more nuanced, calling instead for a political process that leads to free and credible elections. Russia, China and Turkey however, indicated their support for the Maduro government and objected to external interference in the country’s internal affairs.      Continue reading

Medical: Working mothers ‘up to 40% more stressed’ – UK Study

Shortening hours reduces pressure but flexitime and home-based jobs offer no benefit, major study finds

Close up of a mother going through her work while looking after her young daughter
 Working from home does not reduce the pressure on mothers. Photograph: Getty Images

They may have had more than a sneaking suspicion that it was the case, but now working mothers have the data to back it up: they are indeed more stressed than other people – 18% more, in fact.

And that figure rises to 40% for those with two children, according to a major study that analysed 11 key indicators of chronic stress levels.       Continue reading

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