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US Government  Shutdowns, Political  Showdowns,  Erected Walls… – By Yvonne Sam

Government  Shutdowns, Political  Showdowns,  Erected Walls and Contentious Calls

Democrats and Republicans do–  For while the Government play Americans pay.

As 2018 drew to a close, America, or better put the American people found themselves looking at 2019 from a partially closed or shutdown perspective, wondering about the future of their great nation. Although not alluded to, or even briefly mentioned, this is the third government shutdown, in the less than two years since Donald Trump assumed presidency.

The barrage of media coverage regarding resignations, social media missteps, Russia probes, indictments, and the countless shenanigans, all served to lull everyone into an amnemonic aura– into a strange sense of forgetfulness that it was nothing new—just plain old déjà vu. .  Wake up America—You  started 2018, with a government shutdown.            Continue reading

GIHR- Guyana Institute of Historical Research Newsletter – January 2019

Download: gihr online newsletter january 2019

Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission (CANGO): Medical Mission to Guyana – 2018 Report – Donations Request by Guyanese Online


We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting confidential, compassionate and supportive medical services in Guyana. Our focus now is in the Pomeroon and Moruka Rivers serving the indigenous people of Guyana.

We are teams of dedicated health care professionals from Canada, the United States and Guyana who are passionate about providing health care to the various villages in these rivers of Guyana, in difficult areas due to the lack of roads and inexpensive transportation.

           VIEW:  CANGO- 2018 Mission Report

  • EDITOR’S NOTE from Cyril Bryan: I accompanied personnel on their 2018 CANGO Mission to Guyana. It was very successful and there are plans to expand their various projects this year. I am helping CANGO with their fund-raising and would like readers to support them with donations….. Thank you..
  • GO TO:
  • Website at … https://cangomission.org/   and 
  • FaceBook… https://www.facebook.com/cangomission/

​​Georgetown Guyana: Under a Microscope in 2019 – by Francis Quamina Farrier

​​Georgetown: Under a Microscope in 2019 – by Francis Quamina Farrier

City Hall – Georgetown-Guyana

Following the hotly contested November 12, Local Government Elections last year, the (approximate) 202,000 citizens of Georgetown got a new Chief Citizen in the person of Pandit Ubraj Narine who received the Mayoral Chain from out-going Mayor Patricia Chase-Green. There was much work Mayor Chase-Green had on her hands, and there is equally much work for Mayor Narine, as Georgetown slowly inches its way to regaining its lost glory, and become “A Shining City on a Mud-Flat”. But it is an up-hill task in a city which falls below sea level whenever the tide rises.

There are so many things which the current citizens should be grateful for;  the Georgetown we inherited is one of the best laid-out cities on the planet, for starters. In past times, Georgetown used to be known as, “The Garden City of the Caribbean”. The city lost that impressive title about thirty years ago when standards began to tumble.   Continue reading

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