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Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission (CANGO): Medical Mission to Guyana – 2018 Report


We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting confidential, compassionate and supportive medical services in Guyana. Our focus now is in the Pomeroon and Moruka Rivers serving the indigenous people of Guyana.

We are teams of dedicated health care professionals from Canada, the United States and Guyana who are passionate about providing health care to the various villages in these rivers of Guyana, in difficult areas due to the lack of roads and inexpensive transportation.

           VIEW:  CANGO- 2018 Mission Report

  • EDITOR’S NOTE from Cyril Bryan: I accompanied personnel on their 2018 CANGO Mission to Guyana. It was very successful and there are plans to expand their various projects this year. I am helping CANGO with their fund-raising and would like readers to support them with donations….. Thank you..
  • GO TO:
  • Website at … https://cangomission.org/   and 
  • FaceBook… https://www.facebook.com/cangomission/
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