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Guyana Politics: Chief Justice Ruling: No-confidence motion valid; Government appeals to CCJ

No-confidence motion valid; President, Cabinet should resign; Attorney General applies for stay

Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire (photo at left) on Thursday January 31, 2019, ruled that the no-confidence motion was validly passed.

“The ruling of the Speaker that the no-confidence debated in the National Assembly on December 21st, 2018 was carried by a vote of a majority of all of the elected members of the National Assembly is thus lawful and valid, being in accordance with the requirements” of Guyana’s Constitution, she said.

In that regard, she said the President and Cabinet would have to resign and pave the way for elections within 90 days.          Continue reading

U.S. -Forget Border Wall – Knock down the wealth inequality wall instead – By Mohamed Hamaludin


President Donald Trump talks about building a wall but one already exists: the wall between the rich and the poor.

Fourteen Americans own nearly $1 trillion. Jeff Bezos of Amazon, $160 billion; Bill Gates, Microsoft, $97 billion; and Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway, $88.3 billion, head the list. Others include Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, $61 billion; Larry Ellison, Oracle, $58.4 billion; Larry Page, Alphabet, $53.8 billion.

Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries are worth $53.5 billion each; Sergey Brin, Google, $52.4 billion; three Walton family members of Walmart, $135 billion: Jim Walton, $45.2 billion, Rob Walton and Alice Walton, $44.9 billion each; and Steve Balmer, Microsoft, $42.3 billion.     Continue reading

Guyana: China Harbour faces US$600,000 fine for delayed CJIA Airport expansion

An artist’s Plan of the expanded Airport.

China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) will by the end of January, 2019 be fined more than U$200,0000 or US$7,000 per day for missing the 31st December, 2018 firm deadline to complete the US$150 million Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) expansion project, Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson said Monday.

Ruling out an extension of the deadline, Patterson said the company would be charged the daily fine until the project is finished “We are not granting any extensions after December 31st 2018. In our opinion we believe that the contractor did not have adequate resources to ensure that he met his contractual obligation,” he told reporters at the project site.

Continue reading

Guyana Politics: What are the REAL POSSIBILITIES of the new Presidency under the PPP?


As I pause occasionally to ponder the announcement of that presidential candidate, the first struggle is to overcome the sweeping distaste. Nevertheless, I encourage thoughtful, rational citizens to look beyond their disbelief, beyond the candidate, and beyond cult leader control and ask: what if? What if the improbability of ascendancy to the presidency?

What if the actual presidency? Broadly and selectively speaking, hard-earned gains of this government would be lost; the limited ethical and reputational strides will be deliberately and systemically reversed; and boiling racial animosities will intensify in degree and quantity. Specifically, the Guyana Police Force would lose ground through a resurgence of corrupt elements. They are still there; only less blatant, less populous, and less blessed, either politically or administratively; the criminalization of old within the force and on the outside Guyanese world would take root and flourish. Again.     Continue reading

Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – January 2019

 Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – January 2019

Here’s your copy of the January 2019 Buxton-Friendship Express. Please click on the following link to get it:



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Buxton-Friendship Express 

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