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Guyana Politics: Political developments – Editorial – Stabroek News commentary

Political developments

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Teach the Children: African Guyanese must be frank with our leaders – Dr. David Hinds

 Jan 20, 2019 – By Dr. David Hinds

A little-known calypso by Kelvin Pope aka The Mighty Duke titled “Teach the Children” is fresh on my mind. It is part of a module on historical memory for a course on Black Political Music that I am currently teaching. In that calypso, Duke sought to educate listeners about the profound history of Africa; he contended that such memory was critical to the cultural health of the nation.

I cite Duke to make the point that here in Guyana, we are constantly guilty of not teaching the children, because we avoid the essence of our politics in the quest for political power.     Continue reading

Guyana: 49th Republic Celebration – Toronto – February 22, 2019

         Download: guyana_49th republic celebration

Guyana: International Year of Indigenous Languages launched

Int’l year of Indigenous Languages launched in Guyana

The Nine Indigenous Languages of Guyana were celebrated yesterday in Aishalton Village, South Rupununi, Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo, Region 9, as the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs

Scenes from the official launch of International Year of the Indigenous Languages in Aishalton Village, South Rupununi, Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo, Region 9

collaborated with the University of Guyana to officially launch International Year of the Indigenous Languages.
The historic event saw representatives from the Nine Nations of Guyana, many of whom are visiting the Rupununi for the first time, speaking in their respective dialects, Patamona, Akawaio, Wapichan, Makushi, Wai Wai, Carib, Arecuna and Arawak.       Continue reading

Guyana: House to House Registration required to prevent corrupted elections – GECOM Commissioner

Absence of House to House Registration leaves room for corrupted elections – GECOM Commissioner

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