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Buxton-Friendship Express News Magazine – April 2017

Fellow Buxtonians and friends,

We’re pleased to share with you our Buxton-Friendship Express news magazine for April 2017. You may download it from the attached file, or click on the following link to access a copy:

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers and mother figures a Happy Mother’s Day next month. May God continue to bless you all!


Lorna Campbell. Editor,

Buxton-Friendship Express

Download News Magazine: Buxton-FriendshipExpress2017-04

The Crisis of Western Civilization – By David Brooks

The Crisis of Western Civilization
Between 1935 and 1975, Will and Ariel Durant published a series of volumes that together were known as “The Story of Civilization.” They basically told human history (mostly Western history) as an accumulation of great ideas and innovations, from the Egyptians, through Athens, Magna Carta, the Age of Faith, the Renaissance and the Declaration of the Rights of Man. The series was phenomenally successful, selling over two million copies.      Continue reading

Musings of Sir Derek Walcott’s Life and Work – By Leonard Dabydeen


by Leonard Dabydeen


Derek Walcott


His heart palpitates

wind guiding mind’s sail

island swaying island

from Castries to Port of Spain

from Bridgetown to Kingston

like ‘fireflies caught in molasses’.

~ Leonard Dabydeen


Granger persuades UK diaspora to support Guyana’s development

Granger persuades UK diaspora to support Guyana’s development

President David Granger stated that his overwhelmingly successful engagements over the past few days in London are a clear indication that there is renewed interest and investors’ confidence in Guyana. He also said that while

President David Granger at the meeting.

there is still a lot more work to be done, the current mood of restored democracy in the country has made it an extremely attractive investment destination.

Granger said that what Guyana needs now more than ever, is a surge in entrepreneurship and for its own people to come home with their capital and technical ‘know-how’ to play their part in the local economy. He was at the time, addressing members of the diaspora at a forum in London.     Continue reading

Granger visit to UK… British investors agree that Guyana is ‘best investment destination’

Granger visit to UK… British investors agree that Guyana is ‘best investment destination’

President David Granger in discussion with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on April 26, 2017.

President David Granger has said that Guyana, for long term development, has the most exciting investments prospects in the Caribbean.

He added that the country holds an enviable and strategic position as the link between the South American continent, the Caribbean region and the rest of the world.    Continue reading

Robb Street – East | Walk with me in Bourda Georgetown- Raphael Video

Robb Street – East | Walk with me in Bourda Georgetown- Raphael Video

Raphael  – Published on Apr 26, 2017

Guyana Government News Brief – 27th April 2017 – video

GINA Guyana

Guyana Government News Brief – 27th April 2017

Easter in Georgetown | Follow me Around – video by Raphael

Easter in Georgetown | Follow me Around – video by Raphael

Published on Apr 26, 2017 by Raphael

Easter means kite flying in Guyana, Follow me as I walk on Regent Street and Camp Street on Easter Sunday and on the East Coast of Demerara on Easter Monday morning, as the vendors and the kite flyers come out.

Donald Trump’s Failing Presidency – By Robert Parry

Donald Trump’s Failing Presidency

April 25, 2017  –

President Donald Trump

Special Report: After his election, Donald Trump had a narrow path to a transformational presidency, but it required breaking the neocon grip on U.S.A. foreign policy and telling truth to U.S. citizens. Already, Trump has failed, says Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry

The 100-day mark may be an artificial measuring stick for a U.S. president. Obviously much can happen in the remaining 1,361 days of a four-year term. But Donald Trump’s decisions in his first three months in office have put him on an almost irreversible path to failure.      Continue reading

Blacks, Bleaching and the Willie Lynch Letter – By Yvonne Sam

Blacks, Bleaching and the Willie Lynch Letter

Yvonne Sam

Black is Beautiful but Bleaching does not guarantee Reaching.

On April 11, 2017 detectives assigned to the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Branch (C-TOC) in Jamaica, seized 78,000 tubes/jars of assorted bleaching creams, and in relation to the find charged the vendor with Breaches of the Pharmacy Act, Food and Drug Act and Customs Act. Skin lightening trends or skin bleaching has continued to be practiced in Jamaica despite governmental crack-down measures.

Individuals especially females with lighter skin are thought to be favoured by the elite, leaving many to seek lightening treatments when looking for employment.  It is also associated with privilege.    Continue reading

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