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“Your Body Is An Illusion” This Video Will Literally Blow Your Mind! – By Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton : “Your Body Is An Illusion” This Video Will Literally Blow Your Mind!

It was once thought that genes could turn themselves on and off, and in the process, they could control the character of our lives. This belief led to the conclusion that our fate was controlled by the genome we acquired from our mother and father at the moment of conception.

Unfortunately, if we do not like the traits we inherited, we cannot change our genes. When we combine these facts with the notion that genes control their own activity, we are left with the inescapable conclusion that we are “victims” of our heredity and should anticipate expressing the diseases and negative traits passed down through our family lineage.          Continue reading

Caribbean Voice: World Suicide Prevention Day: VIGIL -September 10, 2019

      Download: Caribbean Voice –  Vigil press release

 VIEW: The Caribbean Voice Video on Suicide Prevention Day:

Happy CANADA DAY – July 1, 2019


Video: Suffering vs Happiness – “You are a Complex Machine” – Choose!

Happy Mothers Day to ALL the MOTHERS out there

The Alumni and Friends of the University of Guyana supports Dr. Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith



  • Dr. Dhanpaul Narine                                     
  • Public Relations Officer
  • AFOUG – Education Resource Ambassador

The Alumni and Friends of the University of Guyana supports Vice Chancellor and Principal Dr. Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith

Excellence and the pursuit of success are engrained in Dr. Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith and that has been evident in his decades long career in education and the numerous accolades he’s received.  Professor Griffith, has the honour of being the first person in the University of Guyana’s history to graduate with Distinction in Political Science in 1980, he has an outstanding record as a scholar, academic leader and teacher.        Continue reading

****** HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2019 *******

SEASONS GREETINGS – from Guyanese Online

Happy Holidays – Merry Christmas – Happy New Year


Merry Christmas Greetings – 2018

Shepherds were in the field that night

When the land was filled with heav’nly light

An Angel of the God spoke the Holy Word

Born today is a Savior who is Christ the Lord

Continue reading

CANADA: CBSA Officer Trainee – Developmental Program (Full-time and Part-time employment)

Canada Border Services Agency – Become a CBSA Officer 
Various locations across Canada
Please indicate your employment preference; full-time, part-time or both.
$64,234 to $71,525 (Salary under review)

For further information on the organization, please visit Canada Border Services Agency

Closing date: 3 September 2018 – 23:59, Pacific Time

Who can apply: Canadian citizens and permanent residents residing in Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad. Priority will be given to Canadian citizens.


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