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News – 17 April 2017

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CUI BONO – “who benefits” from the gassing of Syrian civilians? – By Uri Avnery

CUI BONO – “who benefits” from the gassing of Syrian civilians?

– By Uri Avnery

Uri Avnery

CUI BONO – “who benefits” – is the first question an experienced detective asks when investigating a crime.

Since I was a detective myself for a short time in my youth, I know the meaning. Often, the first and obvious suspicion is false. You ask yourself “cui bono”, and another suspect, who you did not think about, appears.

For two weeks now, this question has been troubling my mind. It does not leave me.

In Syria, a terrible war crime has been committed. The civilian population in a rebel-held town called Idlib was hit with poison gas. Dozens of civilians, including children, died a miserable death.

Who could do such a thing? The answer was obvious: that terrible dictator, Bashar al-Assad. Who else?

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Georgetown Guyana – The Promenade Gardens – video by Raphael

The Promenade Gardens | Walk with me in Georgetown

Raphael – Published on Apr 17, 2017
Explore the Promenade Gardens in Georgetown, Guyana


Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission – Golf Tournament – Putnam Ontario – July 22, 2017

Download Flyer: CGOM – 2017 Golf Tournament Registration and Map Info

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