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Mother’s Day Speech – by Randall Butisingh – 1912-2012


Randall Butisingh

Speech given by Randall Butisingh –  made at a gathering of people of a mixed religious group.  Guyana-born Mr. Butisingh  (now 99), was born on December 1, 1912,  and this is one of the most popular  blog entries on his blog at www.randallbutisingh.wordpress.com  .  Mr Butisingh, once the “world’s oldest blogger” stopped active blogging two years ago at the age of 97.

Update: Mr Butisngh died in  December 2012, nine days after his 100th birthday.  May his soul Rest in Peace.

………………..  Here is his speech:

We have met today to pay tribute to that most important and lovable person, the Mother.                Continue reading

Cuba best country in Latin America to be a mother – report

Cuba best country in Latin America to be a mother, says new report

Published on May 11, 2012    – Caribbean News Now

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — Cuba has been ranked the number-one country of Latin America to be a mother in a report by the Save the Children, a non-governmental organization based in London.

According to Prensa Latina, the next best countries in the region are Argentina and Uruguay, while those suffering the worst conditions to be a mum are Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, based on the report that evaluates the state of mothers in 165 countries.                Continue reading

Fighting for Caribbean rum – USA vs CARICOM

By David Jessop

News Americas, LONDON, England, Mon. May 7, 2012: A few days ago, the Caricom Secretary General, Irwin LaRoque, revealed in Washington that Cariforum nations had begun a process which if unresolved, will lead to a full complaint at the World Trade Organisation, (WTO), against the US Government in relation to rum.

Following representations by the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers Association, (WIRSPA), the regional industry association, Caricom Governments last December formally expressed to the US their deep concern about measures being taken by the governments of the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) and Puerto Rico to provide multinational rum producers with subsidies under a programme that makes use of excise taxes on rum received from the US Federal Government.        Continue reading

Miss Guyana World 2012 makes NYC appearance

Miss Guyana World 2012 makes NYC appearance

Miss Guyana World 2012 –     Arti Cameron

News Americas, Weds. April 4, 2012: Making her second major appearance in New York City since being crowned, Miss Guyana World 2012 Arti Cameron hit the red carpet at the Launch Party of Bikini Under the Bridge 2012 on Saturday, March 31st.

Cameron was well received by patrons and a crush of media at the Sheraton Brooklyn New York Hotel at the event held Saturday March 31, 2012. The packed audience was treated to a grand entrance by the reigning Miss Guyana World and 15 other swimwear models from England, Russia, Jamaica, Haiti, the United States and other countries.   Continue reading

College Degrees Employers Want Most

College Degrees Employers Want Most

According to a recent report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, these five degrees are in demand with employers.

By Sarah Tann — Yahoo – Education

Do you want to go back to school and earn a degree that employers actually want?

In their “Job Outlook 2012” report, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) uncovered which college degrees are most wanted by employers in 2012.

The report also noted that the surveyed employers said that they plan to hire 9.5 percent more new graduates between 2011 and 2012 than they did between 2010 and 2011.

New York career expert and psychologist, Eileen Sharaga, is not surprised by these numbers. “Economic reports indicate that employers are starting to hire,” says Sharaga, noting that industries like accounting, finance, and computer science are seeing a bright hiring outlook.    Continue reading

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