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Some Unique Words of Guyana By Dmitri Allicock


By Dmitri Allicock  –  for Guyanese Online

In a country originally occupied by native tribes, (aboriginal tribes now called “Amerindians”), speaking several distinct tongues and conquered by Dutch, French and Englishmen who in turn brought the Africans, East Indians, Chinese and Portuguese, it is only reasonable to expect a survival of many strange words, which by degrees will become obsolete and unknown.

Many words used for hundreds of years have survived in various degrees depending on geography and travel. Some words are spelled and pronounced a little different but continue to convey the same meaning. Many of these words are unique to Guyana however some of them are also well known in the West Indian Islands.                  Continue reading

Cricket: WIPA claim WICB sending mixed signals on Gayle

Cricket: WIPA claim WICB sending mixed signals on Gayle

(Trinidad Express)  May 2, 2012- There are still elements in the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) who do not want Chris Gayle to return to the regional team.

This is according to the West Indies Players Association (WIPA), as it responded via press release on Monday to reports which published material from emails between WICB and Gayle, in which the Jamaican batsman asked for a commitment from the Board as to whether he will be selected for the upcoming tour of England.            Continue reading

Former president’s benefits for debate at next Parliament sitting

Former president’s benefits for debate at next Parliament sitting

 Stabroek editor On May 2, 2012

Following the gruelling budget tussle, Parliament is to reconvene on Thursday May 10th when a series of opposition motions will come up for debate including one in the name of APNU MP Carl Greenidge to have the Former President’s (Benefits and Other Facilities) Act 2009 repealed.

That Act which has been broadly condemned by the opposition will likely lead to fierce debate and could result in a repeal bill being presented by the opposition to Parliament. If such a bill is passed it would only become law if President Donald Ramotar signs it. The government is likely to fiercely oppose Greenidge’s motion for the repeal of the Act. Critics have said that the benefits contained in the Act are undefined and too lavish for the country to afford. Continue reading

US wants independent Guyana broadcast authority ; disagrees with self-censorship

US wants independent Guyana broadcast authority ; disagrees with self-censorship  May 2, 2012 – Demerara Waves

The United States on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day- Thursday- welcomed Guyana’s move to end the decades-old government monopoly on radio broadcasting but called on government to ensure a fair system in granting radio station licenses.

“Going forward, it is vital that this process comes under the purview of an impartial and transparent national broadcast authority,” American Ambassador to Guyana, Brendt Hardt Wednesday night told a media reception at his residence in honour of World Press Freedom Day.

Those present included journalists, state and private media managers, opposition politicians, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and President Donald Ramotar.  Continue reading

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