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The government, NICIL and other controversies

The government, NICIL and other controversies

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This past week the media reported on a series of events. There was the report on the construction of a new airport replacing the current facility that operates as the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. I have been using that airport for some time and I have seen the changes.

I travelled through that airport for the first time in 1988 en route to Jamaica. It was not much to shout about, but it was what this country had to offer. People who have been coming to the country had a most difficult time in terms of physical comfort when they entered the immigration section.

Over time there were improvements. Millions of dollars were spent to improve just about every section. State-of-the-art booths were installed at the immigration section. Air conditioning and just about everything to ensure creature comforts were installed.  Continue reading

UN urges Guyanese to craft a home-grown governance model

UN urges Guyanese to craft a home-grown governance model

The United Nations (UN) Sunday night urged Guyanese to seize the difficulties being faced by the country’s first ever minority government and craft a model that will best serve the South American nation.

UN Resident Coordinator in Guyana, Kahdija Musa was at the time addressing the opening ceremony of a training seminar for parliamentarians being sponsored by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

In clear reference to bickering between the 32-seat government in the National Assembly and the 26-seat combined opposition over the National Budget, she recommended that politicians and other stakeholders strive for efficient running of the country whether or not there is a minority government.  [more]

CHAAG: re Plans to remove Central High School?

Message from CHAAG: Plans to remove Central High School?????

Fellow Alumni:

This notice is sent to all CHS alumni on our mailing list, to alert them to recent developments in Guyana as they relate to the future of our Alma Mater, Central High School. For many of us, it was a shock to learn that the “Pavilion” location in Thomas Lands, no longer exists.

Even more troubling has been recent news reports which seem to suggest that there may be efforts underway to relocate the Smythe Street school and perhaps terminate the existence of Central High as we have all known it. Continue reading

The History of Indian Indentureship in the Caribbean

May is East Indian Indentureship month:

The following entry is from the St. Stanislaus College Blog which has a number of informative articles and videos on various subjects.  Their Blog address is here

The History of Indian Indentureship in the Caribbean

 May is Indian Arrival Month in Guyana, Trinidad, and Jamaica. This is a good opportunity to learn more about Indentureship fostered by the British in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries.  This Blog entry lists a number of interesting and in-depth articles as well as a book and several videos on this subject.

East Indian women cooking

Continue reading

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