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AFC Press Release – May 9, 2012 – 3 subjects

May 9, 2012  – For Immediate Release to all Media Houses.  This news release discusses three subjects:

1-    Government using budget cuts to discriminate
2-    AFC wants smooth transfer of money in NICIL to Consolidated Fund
3-    AFC calls for effective political tripartite arrangement

.1- Government using budget cuts to discriminate

The Alliance For Change is aware that the Government plans to send home certain workers using the reduction made to the 2012 budget as the excuse.Instead of ‘weeding out’ the cronies and ‘fat-cats’ out of the system, the PPP/C Government is sacrificing ordinary cleaners and clerks and cutting the salaries of other rank and file employees to make a political point. This is devious.Prior, during and after the 2012 Budget debate and especially during the examination of the Estimates, the AFC made it clear that we do not want to send ordinary workers home.

We were targeting the ‘super-salary’ contract employees and the political dinosaurs who are paid as so called, ‘advisors’. Now, instead of sending off these political relics of the past, the Ramotar regime is turning ordinary workers into sacrificial lambs.     Continue reading

Terry Gajraj – “Guyana Baboo” – 3 “Chutney” music videos

Terry Gajraj – “Guyana Baboo” – 3 music video

Terry Gajraj has been performing for over 20 years, spreading the Chutney music all around the world.  Read Terry Gajraj’s bio here.

Catch Terry Gajraj live on May 27, 2012 at the Guyanese Association of Barbados Inc. “Taste of Guyana 2012″ being held at the Banks Sports Club ground in Wildey, Barbados as we celebrate Guyana’s Independence anniversary.  Dave Martins will also be headlining this event.  If you are  in Barbados make this a ‘must see’ event.

Here are three videos where he teams up with various artistes:

The first video features Terry Gajraj performing “Ex Boyfriend”  with A9 – the first techno chutney for the 2012 season. The second is “Rum Drinkaz” where he teams up with Eddie Dutchin, winner of the 2012 Mashramani Road March.  In the third he sings “Julay” with veteran Trinidadian Calypsonian ‘Calypso Rose’. Continue reading

Expansion of Ogle airport runway completed

Expansion of Ogle airport runway completed

MAY 9, 2012 | BY  |

 –    Facility to be commissioned today – May 9, 2012

A major project to lengthen the runway at Ogle Airport to allow regional flights and bring it to regional standards, and which will allow for the landing of ATR and Dash 8 series class of aircraft has been completed.

The European Union, through a CARICOM facility, and with support of the CARICOM Secretariat in Guyana and the Government of Guyana, had provided funding of 1.5M Euros for the Phase II project of the airport to lengthen it by a further 2,200 feet and widening it by 40 feet.

Work commenced on the runway project in 2009 by BK International and was completed and approved last month, after a number of delays.    [more]

Ogle Airport operators must be competitive – Ramotar

Services offered at the Ogle Airport are now indispensable. The location has become a major hub for interior flights. It enables miners and  timber operators an assured source to move their supplies and personnel, says President Donald Ramotar.
According to Ramotar, Ogle has a great future. The airport is ideally located in proximity of population centres and is therefore convenient as a connecting port between hinterland and the coast…. [more]

$50B in NICIL accounts a gross exaggeration – Brassington

$50B in NICIL accounts a gross exaggeration – Brassington

The political opposition and the stakeholders behind the National Industrial and Commercial

Investments Limited (NICIL) are now poised to collide over the amount of money being held by the State’s holding company.
Alliance for Change (AFC) Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan, has contended that moneys being held in the accounts of NICIL, and which should be transferred to the Consolidated Fund, amount to some $50B, but there is a differing opinion from the entity’s head.
When contacted yesterday, Executive Director of NICIL, Winston Brassington, said that while he was not in a position to give a definitive figure, the $50B being bandied about by the AFC is “a gross exaggeration and one not grounded in reality”. Brassington said that he will soon be presenting details of the NICIL accounts.     [more]

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