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Guyanese Online Newsletter- June 2012

Guyanese Online Newsletter: June 2012

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This monthly newsletter is published on the last day of every month, with news and events for that month.  About 70% of our readers live in the USA, Canada, and the UK, and 30-day Blog statistics show that the blog 41,023 hits, from over 140 countries.  Guyanese Associations can advertise FREE in this newsletter and blog, so send in your information early. Companies can advertise at very low rates.  Please write me at cybryan@gmail.com with your requests..

This 27th issue has 28 pages.  Here are the major news categories:  Guyanese Associations News, Guyana’s Parliament and Governance; Project Updates and Foreign Aid; Agriculture, Forestry and Mining;  Business; Education ; Medical News; Tourism; Arts and Cultural News; Caribbean and Regional News; Top 20 Blog Entries and a list of all of the Blog entries for June 2012.

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Georgetown Guyana: Historic Thomaslands

Georgetown Guyana: Historic Thomaslands

Thomas Lands, which run for over half a mile westwards between Vlissengen Road and Camp Road being bounded to the south by the Cummingsburg Canal and North by the Atlantic. Their extent is 450 acres and formed part of Plantation Thomas, which belonged to the Quinten Hogg family, one of the wealthiest and most distinguished of our plantation owners.

In 1863, the Hoggs donated this area to the Georgetown Town Council on the condition that it was to be used for educational and recreational purposes. Continue reading

Georgetown Guyana: Historic Queenstown

Georgetown Guyana: Historic Queenstown

This ward of Georgetown was named after Queen Victoria and was  purchased by the Town Council from, Quintin Hogg, a planter,   in 1887  to protect the city from unsanitary pig pens and prevent the erection of poorly constructed buildings by its proprietor.  In the jubilee year of Queen Victoria,  it was proposed by the Town  Council that the streets be named after the Queens children.

However, this decision was not favourably received by the inhabitants of this ward of the city. Laluni and Anira Streets were named after tributaries of  the Lama a tributary of the Mahaica River. Peter Rose Street bears the name of a former  member of the Court of Policy.  Forshaw Street was named after  former Mayor  of the city Mr. George Anderson Forshaw.  Almond Street was named after an  almond tree and Crown Street was named in honour of of the crown.  [more]

Georgetown Guyana: Historic Bourda

Georgetown Guyana: Historic Bourda

This ward of the city derives its name from Joseph Bourda who purchased this area which later became his estate. In 1876, this ward was reorganized by  the Vlissingen Commissioners who were appointed by the government to analyze the claims made by many persons who claimed to be the heir of Joseph Bourda.

Like many parts of the city the streets of this ward reflect the rich history of  Guyana. Charlotte Street was named in honour of Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III.  Alexander Street was named to commemorate the Czar of Russia Alexander I. Wellington Street was named after the Duke of Wellington. King Street was named in honour of King George lll .

Bourda Street was named after its founder Joseph Bourda. South Road was known as Love Lane,  It was a footpath that was named in accordance with its geographical position as the southernmost street in this ward. Oronoque Street and  derive their names from dams that were planted with Oronoque and Orange trees.    Continue reading

Georgetown Guyana: Historic Stabroek

Georgetown Guyana: Historic Stabroek

This ward of the city of Georgetown has an oblong form being one fourth of a mile broad and one mile long. It was established by the French in  1782 on the Company’s reserve and was named by the Dutch after Nicholas Gleevinck; Lord of Stabroek, the then President of the Dutch West India Company  in 1784.

Many of the streets were named after prominent members of society. Several of the short streets running north to south of Stabroek were known by numbers before they were named by the Mayor & Town Council in 1901.

  • Croal Street, named after John Croal, a former Mayor of Georgetown, was also known as  Red Dam due to its surface covering of red earth.
  • Hadfield Street was named after Joseph Hadfield, an architect and former Crown Surveyor, of the colony of British Guiana. Continue reading

Georgetown Guyana: Historic Robbstown

Georgetown Guyana: Historic Robbstown

This area was first leased by Joseph Bourda in 1792 who  subsequently rented this portion of Georgetown to John Robb who arranged the building lots and landscape. Hence it derives its name from the man who designed the area.

In 1864, the entire area was destroyed by a fire. Under the guidance of Mayor Edward John Barr the area was rearranged and streets were widened, giving this ward of the city of Georgetown its present urban layout.             Continue reading

Georgetown Guyana: Historic Kingston

Georgetown Guyana: Historic Kingston

Circa 1759  Cornelius Leary applied for and was granted a tract of land to cultivate cotton and coffee near the mouth of the Demerara  River. When he died this estate was inherited by his wife Eve Leary. In 1796 when the colony was captured  by the  British the  garrison  officers  established  a village on the Eve Leary estate. Built by the officers at the garrison, Kingston with its small cottages set amidst gardens resembled a little English village.

Some claim that Kingston was named in honor of Lieutenant Robert Kingston who constructed Fort St. George, whilst others claimed that it was named after King George. The name of streets such as Parade Street, Fort Street, and Duke Street( was named in honor of one of the Royal Dukes, son of George 11) are a reminder of the military heritage of this ward of the city of Georgetown. Continue reading

The 1933 Denham Suspension Bridge into Guyana’s Hinterland

The 1933 Denham Suspension Bridge into Guyana’s Hinterland

By Dmitri Allicock

Denham Suspension Bridge

Set like gems in the crown of South America, nestled on the North-Eastern shoulder, defying the raging Atlantic Ocean, Guyana’s many waterways reflect the source of its name “The Land of Many Waters”.  These waterways are natural highways which link all the regions of Guyana including the mineral and forestry rich highlands.

In November 1933 a bridge was constructed over the Garraway Stream, linking Mahdia to Bartica by trail. This cable suspension bridge was named “Denham Bridge” after the then Colonial Governor Sir Edward Denham. The Denham Suspension Bridge, which is also called the Garraway Stream Bridge, served as a vital access to the early Gold and Diamond fields of Guyana.  Continue reading

Georgetown Guyana – Historic Cummingsburg

Historic Cummingsburg

During 1759, Jaques Salignac applied for a grant of  500 acres of land  for cotton and coffee cultivation. He was granted  permission by the Court of Policy. Salignac named this tract of land La Bourgade. In 1807 , a Scotsman, became the owner of the estate and renamed Plantation La Bourgade  Cummingsburg, after his family, it was a town two miles in circumference and most regularly arranged.

A special feature of  Cummingsburg was the provision of fresh water reservoirs. these were filled with small fish and were later planted with Victoria Regia and Lotus lillies by Luke M. Hill. The reservoir in Main Street was filled up and converted into a walkway in 1897. It was named the Queen Victoria Promenade by the Mayor and Town Council in honour of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee (this area is now known as Main Street Avenue). In later years other reservoirs were converted into similar walkways.

In 1864 the western part of  Cummingsburg was destroyed by fire. The creation of new streets  and redistribution of house lots were several  of the  plans undertaken to reorganize the destroyed area.             Continue reading

QC Alumni Toronto – Annual Father’s Day Brunch – June 10, 2012


June 10, 2012
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