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GUYDA – New York – Father’s Day Brunch – June 17

High Court dumps Attorney General’s parliamentary committees case

High Court dumps Attorney General’s parliamentary committees case

May 2., 2012 – Demerara Waves –

The High Court on Wednesday threw out a case brought by Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, saying it had no legal power to determine the proportional composition of Committees of the National Assembly.

“It therefore does appear that the complaint of the Attorney General has been made to the wrong forum. The forum for a complaint of this nature is the National Assembly itself and not the court,” Chief Justice, Ian Chang said in a 30-page decision.           Continue reading

Three Hookers on Highway 60 – a story by Ron Persaud


By Ron Persaud – rpersaud7@tampabay.rr.com

For my birthday last year, my cousin Marcia, treated me and Rita to a Benise concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Marcia lives in Brandon and is a bit unfamiliar with the area so we agreed to keep in touch by cell phone to make sure that we all got there in good time.

I am not embarrassed or ashamed of my age but I made a special effort to dress and look my best for the occasion because both Rita and Marcia are very pretty and they look about half their true age. I wore a snazzy silk shirt and my best blazer. Rita chose to wear a pantsuit with an informal top instead of a jacket. A row of sequins around the neckline gave the ensemble a rather festive appearance.   Continue reading

Georgetown: Superficial city cleanups for appearances sake

Editorial in Stabroek News – May 1, 2012  – Comments

Superficial city cleanups for appearances sake

Shortly before the start of the recently concluded 13th Caribbean Sustainable Tourism Development Conference the Government Information Agency (GINA) issued a media release in which it announced that government was partnering with the private sector to ‘spruce up’ the city so that our visitors could experience a more wholesome capital than that which those of us who live here must live with, day in, day out.

A similar initiative had been announced prior to Cricket World Cup five years ago, the assumption being, it seems, that a selective, superficial tidying up of parts of the city is enough to alter the impression gleaned not only by foreigners who live and work here for extended periods, but people from the Caribbean who visit and travel around in our city and who certainly take with them a more realistic impression of the state of the city when they leave. It is, to say the least, an absurd notion.  [more]

Wanted: Info on relatives of Walter Wren Driffield born in Guyana

Wanted: Info on relatives of Walter Wren Driffield born in Guyana

To: Guyanese Online: From Stephanie Lecrone.

I don’t know if you can help me but after reading some of your blog posts on Guyanese Online, I’m going to ask anyway and cross my fingers…

Like SO many others it seems, my current (living) family got the hell out of Guyana in the 50’s and never looked back.  I’m extremely interested in finding out about my Guyanese extended family as well as finding out what happened to the family that ‘just disappeared’ down there.  I’ve looked and researched until my head is about to explode and I still have little to no information. What living family I have left seems to remember nothing about their extended family down there. Maybe you can help me by answering a few questions?

Wanted: Info on relatives of Walter Wren Driffield born in Guyana

Here’s what I know:                Continue reading

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