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PPP Govt.’s illegality continues unabated – Ramjattan

PPP Govt.’s illegality continues unabated

May 13, 2012 | By  |  Letter to the Editor
 Dear Editor,
Notwithstanding all the mouthings of President Ramotar, and Finance Minister, Ashni Singh, and CEO Mr Brassington, such will never legalise the illegality about the activities of NICIL.
Quite frankly, the whole of Guyana is now aware of the scampishness and skullduggery being carried on when NICIL’s Directors and officers fail to deposit its Revenues into the Consolidated Fund.The starting point is Article 216 of the Constitution which states that all monies raised or received by Guyana are to be paid into the Consolidated Fund.  And this is how it should be in a normal, regular democracy.   Continue reading

NICIL must provide details of investments – Ramjattan

NICIL must provide details of investments

MAY 14, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

 …Brassington statements akin to a pleading criminal about to be jailed – Ramjattan

Recent statements by Executive Director of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Winston Brassington on the state of affairs of the finances for the Government Holdings Company are akin to those of a criminal about to be incarcerated.

This is according to Alliance for Change (AFC) Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan, who says that the NICIL’s Executive Director’s statement now claiming that NICIL’s coffers only contain $700M as against the billions touted is very “circumspect.”    Continue reading

NICIL monies belong to NICIL – Brassington

NICIL monies belong to NICIL

MAY 14, 2012 | BY  |

… transfer to treasury done at the discretion of the Directors – Brassington  

Executive Director of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), Winston Brassington, appeared on the State-owned National Communications Network (NCN) last evening and declared that the monies in NICIL accounts belong to NICIL.

Brassington was at the time being interviewed by former beauty queen, Olive Gopaul, who was told that while there is no obligation placed on NICIL by the Constitution of Guyana to have its monies turned over to the Consolidated Fund; it is done at the discretion of NICIL’s directors.

The Directors at NICIL at present include Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, Dr Roger Luncheon and Marcia Nadir-Sharma.  Continue reading

NICIL money invested in undisclosed projects

NICIL money invested in undisclosed projects

May 13, 2012 | By By Gary Eleazar

 …only US$3.5M  remains in the coffers – Brassington

Head of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Winston Brassington, has revealed that its accounts hold some $700M and not $50B as touted in some quarters.

The $700M however, represents only that which is in NICIL accounts as a singular entity and would only include proceeds from the Privatization Unit.
The Privatization Unit according to Brassington falls under NICIL accounts given that it is not an independent legal entity but rather, an arm or agent of NICIL.     He said that the $700M referred to as reflected in NICIL accounts, does not reflect the accounts of any of the subsidiaries of NICIL.

The Subsidiary Companies that NICIL controls include The Guyana National Newspapers Limited, publishers of the Chronicle, NCN, GUYOIL, National Edible Oil Company, Guyana National Printers Limited, Linden Electricity Company, and Guyana National Shipping Corporation. It has shares in several other companies including Guyana Stockfeeds Limited and more recently, Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company and the Pegasus.   Continue reading

An Indian logger in Guyana – implications for REDD Norway MoU

An Indian logger in Guyana – implications for REDD Norway MoU – by Janette Bulkan

May 12 ,2012

I attach a 6-part series that ran in the Stabroek News newspaper of
Guyana from 16 April to 11 May, titled: ‘Through a glass, darkly – what’s wrong with an Indian coffee retailer exporting logs of prime furniture and flooring timber from Guyana instead of local processing for added value?’,  with a request that you re-post on your blog.

As I say in one of the pieces: ‘The lack of transparency of these two
deals is contrary to the call for transparency and improvement in
forest governance in the Norway-Guyana MoU signed in November 2009’.

Thank you.
Janette Bulkan

Here are the six articles –            Continue reading

The shape of things to come – commentary

The shape of things to come

 Stabroek News staff On May 13, 2012  Editorial |

On Friday the Guyana Human Rights Association described the PPP/C as being in denial over the November 28 election results. There is probably no more pithy way of putting it; the protest drama, the barrage of propaganda about the budget cuts, the meetings across the country and the contrived arguments, are all evidence that the government believes it is being denied its ‘right’ to the exercise of untrammelled power. It deeply resents the combined opposition’s one-seat majority in the legislature, the implications of which it appears incapable of accepting.

This psychological block was probably responsible in the first instance for the extraordinary claim made by the President that the PNCR had rigged the elections; it supplied the first indication that a mental barrier was preventing the penetration of reality into the party consciousness. If the election was fraudulent, then the PPP/C could claim the right to continue as it had always done, and as such it prepared the budget as though it were in possession of an overall majority. It then moved on to its stratagem of splitting the opposition and dealing with APNU alone, a stratagem which it has not yet abandoned, although more recently it has been attempted through a surrogate in the form of the Private Sector Commission, some of whose executives are not above behaving as if they represent the government, rather than the business community.    Continue reading

Incredible Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina

Iguazu Falls – One of the New Seven Wonders of Nature

The incredible Iguazu Falls  is one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and is in southern Brazil near the border with Argentina.  

Breath-taking, panoramic, picturesque, and very colorful photos of an absolutely incredible water falls

…and when I say “falls” (plural), I really mean plural – to the max!

Printing some of these photos might make very fine framed pictures. A lot of pictures – 26 in all – but pretty incredible! 

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