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A Tribute to Byron Lee – and the Dragonaires – 2 videos

A Tribute to Byron Lee – ‘The Dragon’

This a video  by the Jamaica Gleaner, that highlights some aspects of the life of Byron Lee, the Jamaican musician and band leader of ‘Byron Lee and the Dragonaires’.  He spent over 50 years in the music industry.

Iconic Jamaican bandleader and producer BYRON LEE has lost his battle with cancer at the age of 73.The Dragonaires founder, who inspired many stars with his reggae, ska and rocksteady hits, died on 4 November 2008.

As the leader of the Dragonaires, Lee enjoyed hits like Jamaica Ska and Dancehall Soca, and the music also earned him and his bandmates a part in 1962 James Bond film Dr. No.    See the two videos below:-  Continue reading

Byron Lee – The Unstated Value Of A Man

Byron Lee – The Unstated Value Of A Man

Byron Lee’s contribution to Jamaican music

By Roy Black, Gleaner Writer – Jamaica

In our last article, the Music Diaries focussed on Byron Lee’s early years as an unpretentious musician who, along with his St George’s College teammates, started playing music with makeshift instruments as a form of celebration after football games. Soon, life was more than football as the band got better, mainly through the assistance and encouragement of old boys, friends and his alma mater. Then came his inclusion in the popular James Bond movie, Dr No, which gave them that all-important financial ‘push’ that they desperately needed.

The Dragonaires, coining their name from ‘dragon’, the St George’s insignia and ‘aires‘ for music, was and still is essentially a dance-and-party band that started out playing calypso jump-up music in the late 1950s at a number of venues across the island.               Continue reading

The GINA and NCN subventions – commentary

The GINA and NCN subventions – commentary

 Stabroek News – April 30, 2012  EditorialComments

Where theatrics and histrionics are concerned, the government has outdone itself on the opposition budget cuts that have reduced subventions to the Government Information Agency (GINA) and NCN to a dollar. Of course, the cuts relate to real people with real lives and there must be commiserations for the dislocations that may be caused to these workers. However, the jobs of these persons employed by GINA, in particular, are well within the resourcefulness of the government to preserve and not one of them needs to be sent home. Unfortunately, by parading them on the picket line the government is continuing to exploit the workers in the same manner it did in the last two administrations and which has now resulted in the opposition-led budget cuts. Continue reading

Top100 – Most Popular Posts for April 2012

Top 100 – Most Popular Posts for April 2012:

Here are the TOP 100 – most popular posts on the Guyanese Online Blog/Website during the month of April 2012. Click to view the item.

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Guyanese Online views by country – April 2012

Blog had 44,176 views from 147 countries around the world

During the month of April the Guyanese Online Blog had 44,176 views from 147 countries around the world, although the top-3 viewers live in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom. WordPress.com supplied us with these statistics which we share with you.



United States 19,417
Canada 10,356
United Kingdom 3,589
Guyana 3,048
India 1,133
Trinidad and Tobago 964
Barbados 829
Australia 723
Philippines 334
Netherlands 272 Continue reading
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