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Flexing muscles or protecting the society? – commentary

Flexing muscles or protecting the society?

MAY 3, 2012 | BY  | EDITORIAL

There is a lot of rush to justify and to criticize the budget cuts. Both sides of the parliamentary divide are holding meetings countrywide to put their own spin on the issue. For example, the government is accusing the opposition of thwarting development and of seeking to stall the government’s drive to take Guyana forward.

The opposition is contending that the government has been spending the public funds without any consideration for accountability. It is really repeating some of the findings in the Auditor General’s report. Over the years the Auditor General has been pointing to what he considers irregularities in the financial accounting procedures.

These reports have largely been ignored although the government has insisted that it has been taking note of the comments and recommendations in the Auditor General’s reports and has been trying to make the necessary corrections. However, as the parliamentary opposition pointed out this time around during the budget debate, monies that should be in the Consolidated Fund are not entered there.       Continue reading

Caribbean chaos: A crisis in West Indian cricket

Caribbean chaos: A crisis in West Indian cricket


by STEPHEN BRENKLEY    – http://www.independent.co.uk

As they arrive for the Test series against England, the West Indies are average on the field and a shambles off it. There is even talk of regions going it alone. Stephen Brenkley assesses the damage.

West Indies arrived yesterday (May 2, 2012). They were utterly unheralded where once they would have been feted and feared in equal measure. Their formal unveiling as the first tourists of the summer will take place in Hove this afternoon, though the most excited response will barely rise above a shrug of the shoulders.               Continue reading

Bob Marley’s father – a British captain from Essex – revealed

Revealed: the white ex-naval officer who fathered Bob Marley was a British captain from Essex

By Glenys Roberts –  Daily Mail UK –  April 19, 2012

Bob Marley’s father

Tall, imperious and imposing, especially on horseback, Captain Norval Sinclair Marley roamed the plantations of Jamaica bedding many of the teenage daughters of the estate workers he was supposed to oversee.According to local gossip, he seems to have been a British naval captain who came from Essex and had once served in India, but he ended up working for the British colonial service in the Jamaican backwoods in the Forties.By then, Marley was at least 50 years old, yet his brief liaisons resulted in a number of children. Continue reading

AFC says “PPP cabal” controlling NICIL funds

AFC says “PPP cabal” controlling NICIL funds

The Alliance For Change (AFC) has accused the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) of directly controlling some GUY$50B in the coffers of the state holding company NICIL and pledges to soon push for an investigation of the entity’s assets.

This was relayed by AFC chairman Khemraj Ramjattan at a news briefing on Friday who said that they understand that a “cabal” of government officials was in control of NICIL’s purse strings.

“This money, which is being held in NICIL’s account, accrued from the sale of assets that were owned by the people of this country, as a result the money should have been placed in the people’s treasury. Instead the government which authorised NICIL to act as the sale agent has pocketed the money in account under their control.          Continue reading

Appealing to Race and Pretending – by Prof. David Hinds

The PPP Post-Budget Political Theatre: Appealing to Race and Pretending to be more hurt than it is

By Prof  David Hinds

If you have not been around long enough or have not studied Guyana’s political history, you may be tempted to misinterpret the noise coming from the ruling PPP in the wake of the budget cuts made by the Combined-Opposition as genuine hurt.  Guyanese should not be fooled by the PPP’s antics.

That party is driven by two things—maintaining its hold on Executive power at a minimum and in the final analysis regaining the iron grip on the Indian Guyanese community so that its total hold on power can be restored at the next election.  Every action of the PPP is geared towards achieving these objectives.      Continue reading

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