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PPPC in denial of November 28 results – GHRA

PPPC in denial of November 28 results – GHRA

MAY 12, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

 – says any snap elections will again be along racial lines

The Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) has blasted government yesterday saying it appears that the ruling party, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is in denial of the November 28 elections results.

The ruling party, which lost the majority in Parliament, is struggling with a determined opposition which holds a one-seat advantage.
With a huge budget cut and several troubling motions tabled by the opposition, Guyana and the PPP/C are both in uncharted waters.

GHRA, a watchdog body, said that the recent budget exercise was the first parliamentary expression of the division of political power produced by the results of national elections in November 2011. GHRA is referring to the unprecedented actions by the opposition to slash a massive $21B from the budget, sparking a number of protests by workers of especially government agencies. Continue reading

NICIL controls revenue of several major govt. entities

NICIL controls revenue of several major govt. entities

MAY 11, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

    Guyoil, NCN, Chronicle, GNCB, Linden Electricity Co.  GNSC  etc.

As of December, 31, 2003 the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) now headed by Winston Brassington and Marcia Nadir-Sharma owned and controlled several major companies. They also controlled monies earned from the Privatization Unit.

Money accrued to the Privatization Unit is earned through the disposal of State Assets and would include revenues earned from transactions such as the sale of the Sanata Complex at Industrial Site. This asset was acquired by Queens Atlantic Investment Inc.    Continue reading

Guyana can’t trust CAL and Trinidad – Letter

Guyana can’t trust CAL and Trinidad – Letter

Published on May 12, 2012 – submitted by Ray Chickrie

Dear Editor:
The arrival of Suriname Airways (SLM) over the skies of Guyana comes at a critical time when Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is facing major financial troubles and that is compounded with the demise of REDjet Airlines, which brought competition to CAL on the Antigua, Barbados and Trinidad routes.

Experts are predicting more financial woes for CAL since its acquisition of Air Jamaica. CAL/Air Jamaica recorded a loss of $96 million last year, and with the recent acquisition of two old Boeing 767-300 to service the London routes, this is expected to increase drastically.

These developments and Guyana’s struggle to attract reputable airlines forced the government of Guyana to seek Paramaribo’s help in bringing back SLM to Georgetown. Continue reading

Indian women – One dishonourable step backwards

Indian women

One dishonourable step backwards

May 11th 2012, 9:56 by A.R. | DELH – The Economist Magazine

HOW should one judge the lot of women in India, a country that is in many ways progressive, modern, tolerant and yet by turns repressive and hostile? Women hold the highest political positions (the presidency, speaker of parliament, leader of the ruling party, leader of the opposition in parliament, several chief ministers of large states) and in theory they are protected by a variety laws promoting equality.

Though development indicators remain dire, just about all statistics show their lives improving. Women are more literate than ever (last year’s census suggests two-thirds of them can read, compared with fewer than two-fifths in 1991). They are becoming less likely to die in childbirth (well under half the rate of 1990). And they live much longer: at 66 years, India’s female life expectancy outstrips the male one by some three years. Like men, on average they live in better homes than they did in previous years, with more access to health care and schools, telephones and transport. Continue reading

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