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The spirit moves on – commentary on Philip Moore

The spirit moves on


There are many who talk about the ‘spirit’ of man: Philip Moore lived out the meaning of that belief. Earlier this week, the spirit of Philip Moore moved on to other realms after his mortal body had spent nine decades on this earth. Guyana was indeed blessed to have produced such a man as Philip Moore and it is our hope that he will be given appropriate recognition at this time so that future generations would know that ‘to live with the spirit’ is not just a figure of speech.

Known by every Guyanese who has passed through at least primary school, as the creator of the monument to our national Hero, Cuffy, Philip Moore was born in 1921 in the village of Manchester on the Corentyne Coast. Even though he received his “school leaving certificate” in 1938, he could not make it as a policeman. Spiritually inclined from boyhood, he converted to Jordanite Christianity in 1940. This is very significant.     Continue reading

Philip Moore: The soulful, yet tragic journey of African-Guyanese

Philip Moore: The soulful, yet tragic journey of African-Guyanese


This column was typed on Tuesday, May 15, 2012. On that date in the edition of the Stabroek News, there was this letter; “The PPP/C has failed to ethnically balance Guyana’s armed forces,” written by an Indian man who supports PPP domination in Guyana by the name of Sultan Mohamed.

I don’t agree with any of the paragraphs of Sultan’s rage. But why should one deny Mohamed his right to express his opinion that there is a predominance of African Guyanese in the State’s security forces?

It is for African Guyanese to write, and write incessantly, that there should be ethnic balance in the ownership of Guyana’s resources; ethnic balance in the ownership of lands; ethnic balance in the ownership of properties; ethnic balance in the award of tenders; ethnic balance in state scholarships; ethnic balance in the business community that imports goods; ethnic balance in the sharing of executive political power.    Continue reading

A Tribute to Philip Moore by Leonard Dabydeen

A Tribute to Philip Moore by Leonard Dabydeen

The passing of Philip Moore brings deep memory of our 1763 Berbice African Slave Rebellion. He was heart and soul as an artist and sculptor. Guyanese will remember him over time.

Guyana: Cuffy’s 1763 Rebellion Monument by Philip Moore

Cuffy -1763 Berbice African Slave Rebellion



By Leonard Dabydeen

Close your eyes
go to sleep;
we shall not weep
but lift our heads
up high
to watch this monument
that you built upon
rocks of African slaves;

embellishment –
rising to emancipation glory,
Continue reading

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