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ART: Ron Savory: A Guyanese quest – Moray House Presentation – By Alim Hosein

Ron Savory 1933-2019

of the interesting things about Ron Savory is that while he was an active artist, and an innovator in Guyanese painting, very little critical work has been done on him. This is true of all Guyanese artists, but some have received scholarly attention in Guyana and even abroad, such as Stanley Greaves, Philip Moore, and Aubrey Williams.         

Savory felt this lack of recognition, as his niece Denise Savory-Archer wrote in a posthumous tribute to him in 2019: “He always spoke of the lack of appreciation for his art throughout the Caribbean.      Continue reading

A Conversation With Guyanese artist Dudley Charles

A Conversation With Dudley Charles

by Marcia G. Yerman – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

Dudley Charles

Dudley Charles

Most artists talk about their personal history with a definitive sense of knowing that they were destined to be an artist.

Not Dudley Charles.

A soft-spoken man with a melodic cadence to his voice, Charles shared with me his story of growing up in Plaisance, Guyana, and the path that placed him on the road to art.

Charles talked about his early years in elementary school, when he was about 10-years-old. He was not a top athlete and, despite his desire to play cricket with his peers, was not sought out to be on their teams. Charles had to fill his school time with another activity, and the only choice available was arts and crafts.

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An Ancient Soul – The Art of Philip Moore – documentary

Documentary by Errol Ross Brewster

An Ancient Soul – The Art of Philip Moore

In this 1995 feature Philip Moore speaks expansively of the Spirit taught philosophy that underpins his creations. Dr. Adeoloa James, a Nigerian residing and teaching in Guyana gives her insight into the atavistic connection Moore has to his heritage of African Spirituality and which is always at the heart of his art.

Dr. Denis Williams, then Director of Art, recognizes Moore’s status as a great Caribbean adaptation of a great African tradition and clarifies the technological and iconological aspects of his work. Errol Ross Brewster, a Guyanese multi-media artist, teacher and cultural activist, as director of this feature, points in the visual treatment to Moore’s transmogrification of ordinary everyday experience which enriches us all, and reveals him as the artist to best mirror a most magical apprehension of the world that as Caribbean people we all can relate to.

TALL PALM TREE – By Eusi Kwayana

TALL PALM TREE  –  By Eusi Kwayana

Human Star, shining in the east
above the basin of  two rivers
lighting your native land

Reading up to recent times in your bed
you fell asleep
humanly speaking,  but in your creations
you are wide awake
keeping the wisening world aware.
Your Mother, Blessed Orintha
Has a bosom for your cotton –haired, woollen  head to  nest
Though they lay your African body at the Seven Ponds
May they allow something of you
To rest in Lan-Liv-Man,  the village Trinity
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The spirit moves on – commentary on Philip Moore

The spirit moves on


There are many who talk about the ‘spirit’ of man: Philip Moore lived out the meaning of that belief. Earlier this week, the spirit of Philip Moore moved on to other realms after his mortal body had spent nine decades on this earth. Guyana was indeed blessed to have produced such a man as Philip Moore and it is our hope that he will be given appropriate recognition at this time so that future generations would know that ‘to live with the spirit’ is not just a figure of speech.

Known by every Guyanese who has passed through at least primary school, as the creator of the monument to our national Hero, Cuffy, Philip Moore was born in 1921 in the village of Manchester on the Corentyne Coast. Even though he received his “school leaving certificate” in 1938, he could not make it as a policeman. Spiritually inclined from boyhood, he converted to Jordanite Christianity in 1940. This is very significant.     Continue reading

A Tribute to Philip Moore by Leonard Dabydeen

A Tribute to Philip Moore by Leonard Dabydeen

The passing of Philip Moore brings deep memory of our 1763 Berbice African Slave Rebellion. He was heart and soul as an artist and sculptor. Guyanese will remember him over time.

Guyana: Cuffy’s 1763 Rebellion Monument by Philip Moore

Cuffy -1763 Berbice African Slave Rebellion



By Leonard Dabydeen

Close your eyes
go to sleep;
we shall not weep
but lift our heads
up high
to watch this monument
that you built upon
rocks of African slaves;

embellishment –
rising to emancipation glory,
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