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THE COCONUT TREE – By Dmitri Allicock


By Dmitri Allicock

The coconut tree is the very most versatile tree in the world. The people of Guyana would not be found without numerous coconut trees around their homes.
The coconut tree and nut have endless usage. The nut of the coconut is used in numerous Guyanese cuisine and treats, and represent a tradition with most families.
The wood is lumber and can be used in construction, but more so, by the people of the Caribbean Islands.
The fronds provide thatching material for roofs, matting for the floor or walls, and for sun shades or blinds.
The dried fiber of the nut or husk is shredded as stuffing for pillow or mattress.  Continue reading

Cricket: Gibson, Sammy pleased to have Gayle back

West Indies in England 2012
Gibson, Sammy pleased to have Gayle back

West Indies have openly embraced the return of their premier batsman Chris Gayle, who on Wednesday committed to making himself available for selection for the one-day leg of their tour of England. In doing so he decided to forsake his contract with Somerset as an overseas player for the Friends Life t20 and Ottis Gibson, the West Indies coach, said if Gayle was available, he would “definitely be picked”.      Continue reading

2012 Olympics: Derrick Thomas to carry Olympic Torch

2012 Olympics: Derrick Thomas  to carry Olympic Torch

Guyana born Derrick Thomas, (75), will carry the Olympic Torch when it passes through Wickham Market.  Suffolk. UK.  – Suffolk magazine report.



BY DMITRI ALLICOCK  –  for Guyanese Online

The Town of Linden is split down the middle by the Demerara River. Over the years, the town grew and expanded unevenly as bauxite dominated. The notable eastern bank development was the Amelia’s Ward housing scheme that follow the Linden/Soesdyke Highway opening at the end of the 1960s. On the western bank, the population was always more numerous. The population has increased significantly from West Watooka to Christianburg and westward to include Wismar hill, Half Mile, One Mile and The Rockstone housing Scheme.

The ferry boat system, which was born with the bauxite industry, had the enormous responsibility of connecting the daily lives of the people. At its peak, over a dozen privately-own ferry-owners existed from Cakatara to Speightland. Continue reading

A Gala Evening with Guyana’s Cricket Heroes – June 22 – Toronto