Cuba best country in Latin America to be a mother – report

Cuba best country in Latin America to be a mother, says new report

Published on May 11, 2012    – Caribbean News Now

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — Cuba has been ranked the number-one country of Latin America to be a mother in a report by the Save the Children, a non-governmental organization based in London.

According to Prensa Latina, the next best countries in the region are Argentina and Uruguay, while those suffering the worst conditions to be a mum are Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, based on the report that evaluates the state of mothers in 165 countries.               

The study takes into account different factors such as the general health situation of the country the educational, economic and political status of the mother-to-be; as well as the children’s well-being that includes the mortality rate before five and the percentage of malnutrition.

The report says the best country to be a mother of the world is Norway, followed by Iceland and Sweden, and then there is Australia and Canada in the fourth and fifth places; meanwhile, in a large part of the Sub-Saharan Africa, the conditions to be a mother are alarming. Estimates say in that region of the planet, women’s life expectancy is 56 years, one of every 16 die from pregnancy complications and only five percent use modern contraceptive methods, while one every three children are threatened by malnutrition.

The NGO warned that if government policies remain unchanged, at least 450 million children will suffer malnutrition within the next 15 years in the poorest countries of the world. Save the Children insists that breast feeding alone could prevent the death of one million children a year; however, the report points out that less than 40 percent of the new-born in developing country benefit from this practice.

Read 2012 Mothers’ Index Rankings reports here    < click

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