Mother’s Day Speech – by Randall Butisingh – 1912-2012


Randall Butisingh

Speech given by Randall Butisingh –  made at a gathering of people of a mixed religious group.  Guyana-born Mr. Butisingh  (now 99), was born on December 1, 1912,  and this is one of the most popular  blog entries on his blog at  .  Mr Butisingh, once the “world’s oldest blogger” stopped active blogging two years ago at the age of 97.

Update: Mr Butisngh died in  December 2012, nine days after his 100th birthday.  May his soul Rest in Peace.

………………..  Here is his speech:

We have met today to pay tribute to that most important and lovable person, the Mother.               

Here is a quotation from one of your bhajans ( hymns)

Maa teree mamta, kitnee pyaree

Kitnee pyaar jagatee hai

This translates as follows;

Mother, how great is your love

How much love does it awaken in me.

In another bhajan in your Atma Geet, it says;  Maata, putra se pyar, kaun karega itnaa.. Yes, the love a mother has for her son, who can exceed that love.  And if I may quote a poem I learned in school as a child;

A mother’s love, how sweet the name,

What is a mother’s love?

A noble, pure and tender flame

Enkindled from above

To bless a heart of earthly mould

The warmest love that can grow cold,

That is a mother’s love.

Yes, mother is the sweetest name on earth. Her love is kindled by the Divine Flame. The ideal mother is God’s substitute on earth. She nourishes her child with her own blood in her womb and suckles it when it is out. She watches and protects it night and day. She tends it lovingly as a gardener tends his precious plants, watering, mulching, pruning, keeping off harmful pests. A good mother is patient and self sacrificing; she sleeps not while her little one is awake, and she is worried when it is ill.

If you look at the lives of some of the greatest men who ever lived, you will find that they owe their greatness, primarily to the care and nurture of their mother, especially in their formative years. She, it was who taught them quite early the path of devotion to God. Gandhiji was one such man who benefited from a devout and loving mother..

Of course, sad to say, there are mothers who have not played that role in the lives of their children as the poet rightly observed; “the warmest love – no other earthly love can be so warm and tender as the mother’s – yet as human beings who are prone to error, that love grows cold, and some mothers relinquish that duty and that obligation, nay! that God-given privilege and responsibility of providing the affection and nurture for their offspring.

We are not here to condemn any mother. Who are we to condemn. Only the great Creator knows why a mother acts in the way she does. Let Him be the Judge. We are here to honour all mothers. Without them, we could not have been here. We owe them a duty for their labour and pain for bringing us into the world. If we serve them, they will bless us. There is no blessing like that of the mother.

At this time also, it behooves us to remember our Divine Mothers. You who are Hindus in this gathering have Lakshmi Mata, goddess of light and prosperity, Sarswati, goddess of learning, Sita, for her love and devotion to Lord Rama, her consort; Christians have Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mother Teresa that great soul who has become mother for thousands of the underprivileged, homeless, sick and suffering in India and branches in other parts of the world. Muslims have Khadeja and Aisha, wives of the prophet Muhammad. You could add to this list; I have named but a few.

Now, I would like to wish all the mothers here HAPPY MOTHERS DAY and ask God’s blessings on them so that they can continue their demanding role until the end. Also to those who are not biological mothers, but have played the role successfully and are even more deserving of our thanks and appreciation.


  • Happy Mother’s  Day to all mothers who have played the role with love,  making great sacrifices so that those who have been  put in their charge can make a meaningful contribution to the fulfillment of God’s purpose on Earth. 
– Randall Butisingh
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  • wycs  On May 11, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    For his age, he is a wonder. He still has his faculty at age 97. What a blessing.

  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On May 11, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Rooplall Dudhnath  On May 12, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Out of the wastes of nothingness, with the clay of My command I made thee to appear, and have ordained for thy training every atom in existence and the essence of all created things. Thus, ere thou didst issue from thy mother’s womb, I destined for thee two founts of gleaming milk, eyes to watch over thee, and hearts to love thee. Out of My loving-kindness, ‘neath the shade of My mercy I nurtured thee, and guarded thee by the essence of My grace and favor. And My purpose in all this was that thou mightest attain My everlasting dominion and become worthy of My invisible bestowals. And yet heedless thou didst remain, and when fully grown, thou didst neglect all My bounties and occupied thyself with thine idle imaginings, in such wise that thou didst become wholly forgetful, and, turning away from the portals of the Friend didst abide within the courts of My enemy.

    (Baha’u’llah, The Persian Hidden Words)

  • Maude Bullen-McKenzie  On May 16, 2012 at 4:39 am

    Thanks for your latest information and list of topics. The topic which grabbed my attention related to the celebration of Mothers’ Day. I have, for some time now been adversely affected by this topic and the way in which it has been treated.

    My Mum passed away on December 29, 1989, I really do not believe that a mathematical calculation could accurately state the time between my loss and now. Sometimes it is unacceptable as well as unbelievable. This might sound childish and unrealistic, but the fact is that many of us actually gave birth but the Lord had a different plan for those of us who were/are in this situation. However, we have mothered others. We have filled gaps and we did so without being goaded so to do.

    There must be a realistic view of this situation. What about those persons who ceased to be mothers because of death – an accident, a murder, a natural termination of life, and so on?

    It isn’t easy to cope with!

    Mothers’ Day belongs to each woman, and we must not forget, there are some men who are fathers and mothers to not only their biological children, but those for whom they feel something!

    Let us be human and humane! Please Lord, help us to be more broad minded and demonstrate a wider sense of awareness.

    Once again, thanks for your efforts and affording me an opportunity to express these views.

    My Mother and I lived together without step or ladder, from April 10, 1944 to December 10, 1953 – you see what I mean?

    Yours truly,

  • NARAINE DATT  On May 11, 2013 at 4:35 pm



    Without mothers we surely won’t be here
    It’s fitting to celebrate one day of the year
    But after being motherly for 365 days
    We really should show it in more ways
    For these beautiful people mothers
    Who’re our aunts, wives and sisters
    Our over worked nurses, and doctors
    Our friends and everyday teachers
    Yet in some places of this planet
    Not a tiny respect they don’t get
    They are abused and denied their right
    And stopping this wrong is not in sight
    Mothers are very precious
    Their meals are delicious
    For the socks or shirt you can’t find
    A mother is there to soothe your mind
    If you are lazy and leave your room in a mess
    She’ll fret but she’ll clean it I have to confess
    Some kids’ eyes are covered with wool
    Then motherhood to them is ungrateful
    They love you with faults anyhow
    They will even face a butting cow
    If someone ever threaten a mother’s young
    Even if you threaten to cut out their tongue
    They will defend their young so gallantly
    And you will always have their loyalty
    They are the bulwark of the health systems
    They’re more precious than diamond or gems
    No matter how warring with flags we unfurled
    Our loving mothers brought us into this world

    Norman Datt/Naraine/Raj

  • NARAINE DATT  On May 11, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Hey Guyanese,
    I grew up at Nabaclis Village (EC Dem) went to the Golden Grove School by the Esso Station, left when I was about 10 years, looking for my friends, Seepual Singh, Vibert and Marvin. Know them? Please email me;

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