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Music Videos: Caribbean Christmas Reggae Party – 2 videos



Guyana: Historic draw of first oil has arrived – December 20, 2019

President David Granger


The historic moment was announced last night by US oil major ExxonMobil and came less than five years after one of the company’s subsidiaries made a major oil find in the Liza-1 well offshore in the sprawling Stabroek Block.

Minutes before Exxon’s announcement, President David Granger delivered an address to the Nation heralding the start of oil production and assuring that petroleum revenues would be prudently managed.    Continue reading

Iwokrama marks 30th anniversary since Guyana’s gift to the Commonwealth

– by Tangerine Clarke – Caribbean Life News NY
Photo: Dr. Raquel Thomas-Caesar, scientist, tropical forest ecologist, and director of Iwokrama during a talk on conservation and tourism, at the Guyana Consulate, NY.
Commemorating, its 30th Anniversary, since offering a gift of a million acres of rainforest, put forward to the Commonwealth by the Government of Guyana, and commonwealth partnership, commissioned by late President of Guyana, Desmond Hoyte in 1989, the Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development in Guyana, continues to be at the forefront of conservation.

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Guyana Elections: GECOM on Track for Country’s March 2, 2020 Polls

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Friday December 20, 2019 – The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) says it is well on track for the hosting of general and regional elections next March.

Preparatory works for the upcoming poll have included continuous engagements with stakeholders and the utilisation of technical advisors.

Chair of the elections body, retired Justice Claudette Singh, has assured that everything is on schedule.

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Trinidad & Tobago: Marijuana Law in to Take Effect Before Christmas

Marijuana plant

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Friday December 20, 2019 – President Paula Mae Weekes is set to deliver an early Christmas gift for people in Trinidad and Tobago who’ve been waiting to legally smoke marijuana at home, and those in jail for possession of small quantities of the herb.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley disclosed yesterday that on Monday, December 23, just two days before Christmas, the President will proclaim the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act, passed by both houses of Parliament earlier this month, which decriminalizes possession of 30 to 60 grammes of cannabis.          Continue reading

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