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Guyana Tourism: Experience a Wild(er) Guyana – Ashley Holland’s Story – video

In this short video, Guyana Truly Wild owner Ashley Holland takes us deep into the Guyanese wilderness, and discusses how he brings comfort, and makes new friends, in the remote jungle.
Watch the video.

GUYANA: The GOOD LIFE eluding Mini Bus Passengers – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Minibus crash

– by Francis Quamina Farrier

Over Ten Thousand Guyanese have lost their lives on the roads of Guyana since Independence in 1966. This figure is in a country with less than a million in population and mini buses have made a significant contribution to that staggering total. Those killed include a Minister of Government. A Police Commissioner. Two teenage daughters of a Prime Minister. Two Boxing Champions. A Chief Librarian. A foreign diplomat.

Yet the MADNESS on Guyana’s Roads continues unchecked. Early this year, 2019, a vehicle in which the current Police Commissioner Leslie James was a passenger, was struck by another vehicle. Fortunately, the Commissioner was not injured. Will the lawlessness on Guyana’s roads continue in 2020 and beyond? Will you be killed in a Traffic Crash? Will I be Killed? On four occasions during this year, I was almost run over while using a Pedestrian Crossing in the city of Georgetown.          Continue reading

The Excitement and the Anticipation of the Year to Come – By Yvonne Sam

  By Yvonne Sam

What can you do on the first day of a New Year that you were not capable of twelve months ago?

The great Roman Stoic Philosopher Epictetus cautioned that as humans we cannot control events but we can certainly control our attitudes towards them. While many look forward to a brand New Year, others still think back to the ones that have passed. As a consequence, New Year’s Eve becomes a time for both sensations—the excitement and anticipation of the year to come, and the nostalgic wistful memories of years gone by. Midnight on New Year’s Eve is a unique kind of magic.      Continue reading

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