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‘America’s Dr. Mengele’: The Jewish Biochemist Backed by the CIA Who Experimented on Thousands

‘America’s Dr. Mengele’: – By Tzach Yoked | Haaretz

Sidney Gottlieb conducted tests on refugees and prisoners that were as brutal as those carried out by the Nazi doctor. ‘He is undoubtedly the closest thing to Mengele in the history of the U.S.,’ says author of his biography

If Sidney Gottlieb’s parents hadn’t fled Hungary in the early 20th century, we can assume that his life, like that of millions of other European Jews, would have ended in one of the extermination camps built by Nazi Germany. Had he been deported to Auschwitz he might even have fallen into the hands of the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele.               Continue reading

UK Elections: Conservatives sweep could transform British politics – opinion

COMMENTARY: By Martin Kettle – The Guardian UK

A triumph for Boris Johnson, and an epochal collapse for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour

The BBC building in London showing the general election exit poll.

 The BBC building in London showing the general election exit poll.

For the last four UK general elections, bar 2015, the 10pm exit poll on election day has been almost exactly correct, even if sometimes the predictions have been a shock to many experts. So the likelihood is that the pollsters have got it right again in 2019. But whereas in 2017 their correct prediction of a hung parliament guaranteed a embattled legislature, the 2019 prediction may even transform British politics.


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Police eye Lamaha St. railway embankment to relocate city bus parks

The Stabroek Market area – congestion

This disclosure was made on Tuesday by Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Linden Isles. He was speaking at the time on ‘The Legal Mind’, hosted on Kaieteur Radio.

Answering questions about congestion, the Traffic Chief said that the police force is cognizant of the problem. The force is short of personnel to man the streets effectively, with Isles not immediately providing details.        Continue reading

How Guyana took Christmas Cheer to the children of South Africa – by Francis Quamina Farrier

— by Francis Quamina Farrier

There was no Christmas cheer for the children of South Africa for decades, during the period of Apartheid, when the minority White-ruled government of that wealthy country of GOLD and DIAMONDS, oppressed the Black majority of the population. It was the period when in South Africa, Santa Claus forgot all the little Black boys and girls. It was during the decades of apartheid when Blacks and Whites were officially kept apart.

While the White minority enjoyed the best that the country had to offer, enjoying the good life, the majority Black citizens of South Africa were treated less than second-class in their own country.        Continue reading

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