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Guyanese Canadian Young Professionals Association (GCYPA) – Toronto. Canada

GCYPA Update and Christmas Greetings

The Guyanese Canadian Young Professionals Association (GCYPA) was born out of an idea that our Consul General (CG) Mrs Anyin Choo had. In it’s intent,she wanted to bring together young Guyanese professionals to:

 Provide a forum for networking for Young Guyanese Professionals in Canada
 Promote Guyana’s culture and heritage in Canada
 Serve as a hub for information and support for young professionals who are new to Canada
 Celebrate and showcase the outstanding young Guyanese professionals in Canada

GCYPA Established                Continue reading

Guyana 50th Republic Celebration and Cultural Awards event – Toronto – March 21, 2020

…..   Awards recommendations by February 14, 2020

Guyana 50th Republic Celebration Cultural event on March 21, 2020 in Toronto.

The Steering Committee for Guyana’s 50th Republic Anniversary Celebrations in Toronto, Canada was formed under the auspices of the Consulate General of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana in Toronto.

The Guyana 50th Republic Awards Committee was developed to recognize achievements of excellence and leadership in the Guyanese diaspora in Canada and to recognize the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations who contribute to the development of Guyana and to the continuation of our Guyanese heritage, community and culture in Canada.

The categories of awards are as follows;            Continue reading

Trinidad: New Polymer $100 Notes: ‘Barber’ goes to bank with over $1 million cash


(Trinidad Guardian) In the last three days, sev­er­al sus­pi­cious trans­ac­tions by du­bi­ous pro­fes­sion­als have been un­earthed in the bank­ing sec­tor as thou­sands of cus­tomers con­tin­ue to rush fi­nan­cial in­sti­tu­tions to ex­change their ex­ist­ing $100 bill for the new $100 poly­mer notes.

One sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­i­ty in­volved a bar­ber who walked in­to a bank with $1mil­lion in pa­per-based $100 bills to be swapped for the new $100 notes which the pub­lic be­gan ac­cess­ing at banks on Tues­day December 10. 2019.

The old $100 notes will be­come in­valid on De­cem­ber 31, 2019

The changeover from pa­per to poly­mer is the ba­sis of Gov­ern­ment’s lat­est an­ti-crime plan to flush out crim­i­nal el­e­ments, cut off fund­ing of gangs and take the prof­it out of crime.        Continue reading

Guyana Politics: ‘Change Guyana’ Region 10 policy mirrors APNU+AFC’s 2015 manifesto

PM Candidate of Change Guyana, Nigel Hinds

The recently launched political party ‘Change Guyana’ has been heavily critical of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and the APNU+AFC Government for failing to honour their promises to the people of Region 10. But if elected to serve in the next government, Change Guyana has vowed that it would do right by the citizenry, as it has a solid Development Policy in place.

But upon examination of that very policy, there were notable similarities between the plans Change Guyana says it has for Region 10 and the ones that APNU+AFC had proposed in its 2015 manifesto.        Continue reading

Guyana: ” Small days is still on my mind; Small days is a good good time”- By Geoff Burrowes

Small Days: Guyanese Folk Song  

Video: Guyanese Artist Marlon Jardine ” The King of Folk ” sings Folk Songs of Guyana. Former Musical Director/Bass Guitarist of “The Yoruba Singers” M.S. (Band)

— By Geoff Burrowes

I was born 77 years ago in a quaint British colony on the Northern Atlantic coast of the South American continent. Since it was British we were the only English speaking country in South America. As a colony, all of the important decisions regarding our welfare and administration were made in London and dictated to us through a colonial administration, headed by a governor, who was therefore the big sahib in British Guiana (BG). Continue reading

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