Guyanese Canadian Young Professionals Association (GCYPA) – Toronto. Canada

GCYPA Update and Christmas Greetings

The Guyanese Canadian Young Professionals Association (GCYPA) was born out of an idea that our Consul General (CG) Mrs Anyin Choo had. In it’s intent,she wanted to bring together young Guyanese professionals to:

 Provide a forum for networking for Young Guyanese Professionals in Canada
 Promote Guyana’s culture and heritage in Canada
 Serve as a hub for information and support for young professionals who are new to Canada
 Celebrate and showcase the outstanding young Guyanese professionals in Canada

GCYPA Established               

So on June 1st this year, a group of about 20 young professionals met to listen to the idea of the CG. Enthused about what we heard and wanted to move forward with the idea, we took the opportunity to form an interim
leading team, to develop the group with the input of the others in attendance.

On July 6th, another meeting was called by the interim leading team and we had about 50 participants. At that meeting, the executive were officially elected and plans were put in place to move forward. The executive
consists of:

– John O’Dell as Chair
– Shivana Ramcharan as Co-Chair
– Valeka Norbi as Director of Administration
– Brandon Cheong as Director of Programs
– Deslyn Willock as Director of Public Relations and Communications

Historically, our young Guyanese professionals were not paid too much attention as there was no forum or place to highlight us and our achievements. This Association is about us, for us, run by us.
We’ve established our name, our logo, our social media presence , our constitution and we will continue to grow our presence.
Lastly, we know that our group is as our name says, young, and in it’s infancy stage. It is our intent to weather the storm of bumps and bruises but we will stay the course. We are strong and we are determined to be successful.
If you know a young Guyanese professional, we ask that you invite them to join us so we can continue to grow and showcase our Guyanese talent.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours and a prosperous New Year.

Our social media presence is as follows:

Our Facebook Page is: 

Our Twitter Page is:

Our Instagram page is:

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