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Guyana Elections: Nominations Day is January 10, 2020

GIHR Online Newsletter – December 2019 + GIHR 2020 Calendar

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Medical: The Dangerous Impact of Air Pollution on Health

— Impact may be far worse than thought, study suggests

Results chime with earlier review indicating almost every cell in the body may be affected by dirty air

Traffic – Exhaust fumes

However, the research suggests the impact could be far wider, despite looking at only one component of air pollution, chiming with a global review published earlier this year that indicated almost every cell in the body may be affected by dirty air.


POLICING: Taking stock of the number of suicides in the lock-ups – By Yvonne Sam

“Something is rotten in the Police Force of Guyana”– Would lawsuits be the ultimate path to custodial reform?

— By Yvonne Sam

Once again the ranks have found themselves in a mire, or ( more aptly put) hell fire due to the recent death in Blairmont Police Station lockups of Chandatt Yodha, a 49 year old West Berbice fisherman. The deceased had been arrested earlier that day, and detained on a charge of alleged mistreatment of his wife and unruly behavior.

According to police report, the victim was alone in his cell and his underwear was used to bring about the untimely demise. Premature deaths of individuals in police custody are without doubt tragic occurrences.  From a moral stance, it is utterly heartbreaking to the family of the victim(s), and concomitantly heightens suspicion as to the conduct of police, operating in an already -existing climate of public mistrust.    Continue reading

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