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It’s not about Race or the Lesser Evil: It is about the promise of Transformation – Dr. David Hinds

In his November 24, 2019 column in the Kaieteur News, Freddie Kissoon wrote on the topic “Lesser of two evils.” Here is a quotation from that column: “Recently, two African Guyanese known for their adumbration of African culture and the need for a strong African presence in Guyana’s economy wrote that they support the present government over the PPP in the forthcoming election because it is the lesser of two evils. They are Dr. Kean Gibson and Dr. David Hinds”

A quick perusal of my two columns on the matter shows that I never used that characterisation to describe my electoral support for the Coalition. I deliberately avoided it, because I know that is not what I am doing.    Continue reading

Georgetown City Council accuses Houston Estates of multi-million-dollar tax fraud

 Dec 10, 2019  News

Mayor Ubraj Narine

According to the Mayor, Houston Estates, whose principal is prominent Guyanese businessman, Michael Vieira, has been selling lands in Houston, East Bank Demerara area for billions of dollars without remitting to the Council its rightful taxes.

Narine said that an article published in the daily newspapers about sale of lands earlier this year by Houston Estates caught his attention.

The article outlined that Houston Estates was selling to Redstart Investments, an international firm which has established a presence in Guyana, over 52 acres of land in the Houston/Rome area.    Continue reading

Open letter to His Excellency Jovenel Moise, Président of Haïti – By Jean Hervé Charles

                    Open letter to His Excellency Jovenel Moise, Président of Haïti

Excellency, you make us look ugly!

By Jean Hervé Charles

President Moise you make us look ugly! It is true that the President of the United States, Donald Trump allegedly, called Haiti a shithole; however we had taken the determination to demonstrate to President Trump that Haiti that was the pearl of the West Indies, with a divine mission to be an emancipator nation, cannot continue to live in shit forever.

Your determination to remain in power despite the will of the Haitian people of all social strata to get rid of this kind of medieval government that prevents its people from flourishing is a major obstacle to our drive to end forever with widespread misery.        Continue reading

Linden Fund USA (LFU) launches computer hub in Linden + video

LFU Launches Computer Hub in Linden Guyana – video

Download Report: LFU Computer Hub Launch collage

Dear LFU members and friends,
On Nov. 28,  Linden Fund USA officially launched its newest initiative in Linden, Region 10, with the opening of a computer hub at its headquarters in South Industrial Area, Linden.    

Continue reading

Guyana Elections: US: Only interest in elections is that it be free, fair and peaceful

The Guyana US Embassy today said that the United States’ only interest in scheduled general elections here is that they be free, fair and peaceful.

It was responding to media reports here which included comments by Professor Evan Ellis on the political situation here and the upcoming general elections.

The statement by the US Embassy follows:            Continue reading

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