Open letter to His Excellency Jovenel Moise, Président of Haïti – By Jean Hervé Charles

                    Open letter to His Excellency Jovenel Moise, Président of Haïti

Excellency, you make us look ugly!

By Jean Hervé Charles

President Moise you make us look ugly! It is true that the President of the United States, Donald Trump allegedly, called Haiti a shithole; however we had taken the determination to demonstrate to President Trump that Haiti that was the pearl of the West Indies, with a divine mission to be an emancipator nation, cannot continue to live in shit forever.

Your determination to remain in power despite the will of the Haitian people of all social strata to get rid of this kind of medieval government that prevents its people from flourishing is a major obstacle to our drive to end forever with widespread misery.       

Yet it is necessary to present the truth in all its amplitude, the Haitian people, singularly chosen by the Creator to show to the whole world that the black man is not inferior to the white man in thought, in action and in illumination, have gone astray since October 17, 1806 with the assassination of his own founder Jean Jacques Dessalines.

The Haitian people are not the only nation to lose sight and interest in disassociating themselves from their divine mission. The people of Israel, which is also a chosen people, should be the most Christian missionary nation for the spread of Christianism in the world; with the arrival of Jesus the Christ in their midst 2020 years ago, however, they maintain that they are still waiting for the Messiah.

The American people also chosen by God, to show the world from July 4, 1776 how each nation must have its own independence and its own culture still state today that they have nothing to do with the concept of Nation Building, how to build a good nation. Their military apparatus and global excursions, which cost trillions of dollars in intervention without success in the Middle East, have substituted the contingents of nation builders of its great schools from Social Work, Law and Engineering that would have brought much more benefits and good will towards the United States and to the world.

The French people another nation anointed by God to teach the world as of July 14, 1789 that the King is only a servant; he must be generous and hospitable to all his subjects. The nobility should not take everything to the detriment of the rest of the population. France has not only spread inequality in all its former colonies including Haiti; it encounters today a singular effervescence of the nations under construction, struggling in the midst of internal dissensions.

Remaining in our canton, our own uncle Henri Christophe wanted to resume the path of nation building from the Kingdom of the North to the rest of Haiti, after the death of Jean Jacques Dessalines, however, our other uncle the Mulatto Alexandre Petion has thwarted the ambition of Christophe; With the human frailty just emerging from slavery, Pétion taught us that the laissez faire or laissez grainin and stealing from the state was the best way to go.

Thus, we have inherited the hypocritical, unhealthy and discriminatory Republic of Pétion and the Republic of Port au Prince which does not take care for the majority of the population. As such, we have lived in pariah from governments to governments until today with certainly the complicity of the international community jealous and suspicious of our divine mission.
President Moise, you were elected with some deceitful slogans and vote-buying scheme from a ragged population in misery to get to hold the rein of power in 2016. We are familiar with this information because we were like you, a Candidate for the Supreme seat of power of the State. The Party under which I had registered changed itself into a PHTK Party without even warning me and diverting all the money that was allocated to me for my campaign.

After the elections, I resigned myself wishing you good luck and asking the Haitian people to follow your plan to turn water, the sun and the citizens into a value-added force to boost the Haitian economy.

You have revealed yourself in leading the country, as in your campaign, a usurper and a first class fraudster. The political, social and economic situation of the Haitian people has not changed one iota, but it has worsened by the fact that it is devastating for all social groups, rich and poor, black and mulatto, urban and rural.

The citizens of the Diaspora, like those of the Motherland, ask for your resignation from power for the good of the homeland. Haiti, that did not know how to rekindle itself after February 7, 1986 with the end of the dictatorship of the Duvalier’s; Haiti, that did not, either, resigned itself to rebuild its status of premiere nation after the earthquake of January 12, 2010 is now ready to fall into the right orbit to create a nation that will be hospitable for all.

You use subterfuge after subterfuge to stay in power denouncing the exactions of some while camouflaging the abuses of those close to you. The Revenue of the Public Treasury has become, or rather maintained, as a personal purse from which you draw whatever you wish, either to pay mercenaries who have no qualms about mercilessly firing on the population angry at a regime of exaction or to bribe gangs of bandits that terrorize the population.

The Superior Court of Accounts has personally indexed you as one of the criminals who defrauded the Petro Caribe funds that should have helped us to create a quality infrastructure basis throughout the territory. You said if you leave power it will be chaos, however as said above, it is the first time since 1806, the death of the founding father that the Haitian people have understood that the sense of belonging is the glue that will build the nation of Haiti with solid foundations.

The Haitian people, always in the vanguard of revolutionary ideal with battles won, but with victory delayed as in 1804 and as in 1986 have found themselves ahead of the people of Chile, Lebanon, Venezuela, Iraq, France, Colombia, Iran to name only those, dismantling the hypocrite concept of the Doctrine of Westphalia (1564) that condone the leader as tyrant with no concern for the happiness of its citizens. He will always be protected by the larger community of nations that band together like one to protect one of their own. In fact your only line of sustenance is the quid pro quo of your distancing from the Chavez/Maduro regime of Venezuela and their stolen Petro Caribe fund, pleasing the Trump government just to remain in power.

In Haiti, you represent an obstacle to the emancipation of the Haitian mass that has been rotting in misery every day since you came to power. And you are ready to continue this situation of misery at the end of your mandate by monopolizing the resources of the state to make them available to your candidate of choice, former President Michel Martelly your predecessor who passed the relay over to you. Haiti is ready under the command of enlightened leadership to become a hospitable nation for all its citizens.

We will be in the arena with his generals for the creation of a good nation with clean institutions like excellent schools for all, gratis pro Deo for all its children and fine infrastructure like roads that extend to the most distant rural counties as well as covering our mountains after mountains with mahogany and cedar tree that will render Haiti green like the island of Dominica and rich like Dubai or Singapore! Haiti will hold the hand of its sister nation, the Dominican Republic, with organic and nostalgic agriculture for the like of institutions as Whole Food as well as cultural and religious tourism of the lovers of Pilgrims of Saints to become like Canada and the United States, two nations where hospitality, progress and civilization reign on both sides of the border. In Haiti we will move ahead as such by establishing:

A} first the sense of belonging ( le sentiment d’appartenance) so that the Haitian people will feel proud at home, without becoming an internal nomad in the country and later a foreign nomad in irregular situations in the Dominican Republic, in Florida  in the Bahamas, in Chile or in Brazil.

B} a belt of infrastructure and institutions with integrity and closeness that will root the Haitian citizen in his canton with productive work for the welfare of his family.

C} targeted actions of equity towards the rural world, the world of women and the world of urban ghettos to facilitate the blossoming of these classes that remain in behind in development.

D ) A Haiti that is resuming its divine mission as an emancipator nation by helping not only our refugees scattered all over the world but also by helping people of other nations struggling for their own self-determination.

E) Finally, a Haiti that teaches the youth that the creation of a nation is a continuous work, it must endeavor to make the nation ever more beautiful and ever more flourishing.

Your Excellency, you could have been the Moses(Moise) who brings all Haitians, those of the mother country, like those of the Diaspora, to this Canaan, this Promised Land where milk and honey flow, but like Herod you chose to serve greed and your personal ambition instead of serving the nation.

So if you still have a dose of elegance and patriotic sentiment, deliver the Haitian people from your presence by giving your resignation. Paul E Magloire despite being one of our best presidents had to satisfy the desiderata of the people by fading without a bloodbath. Jean Claude Duvalier chose the same path as well as Jean Bertrand Aristide when the people said it was enough!

They returned years later to live peacefully in their homeland pardoned by the Haitian people. By stubbornly cantoning into power with violence and subterfuge despite the will of the constituents, you risk the possibility of never having the opportunity to return back one day in a renewed Haiti, becoming the true pearl of the Antilles. It seems like eternal banishment and damnation!

May on January 1st 2020 the bells of true liberation ring and the ode of joy sing in all the towns and the rural counties of Haiti!

With respect:

Jean Hervé Charles

Jean H Charles was a presidential candidate in the last Haiti election of 2016.

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  • Trevor  On 12/11/2019 at 6:06 pm

    Some Guyanese here don’t have good words to say regarding a “Haitian invasion”, yet they have US visa and some of their family members took back track to the same country. Hypocrites!

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